Travellers, attention! If you are scheming a new travel plan this spring, be it an official trip or a family vacation; we bring you something to make your journey awesome! It is the list of the best travel applications. Travelling is the best relaxing activity one has ever indulged in. Wanderlust and getting lost in nature or any place, exploring the area and the culture, it sounds so beautiful. Travel apps have made this experience more engaging, making it convenient for travellers to check stay reservations, food places or even know about the place.

Some of the efficient travel apps are:


This application is useful for analyzing fares and rates. It compares thousands of airfare as well as hotel prices for a day and gives you the best deal. It analyses and compares the deals and lets you know whether you should wait or book for the trip. All you need to do is fill in the destination, and a colour-coordinated calendar will highlight the cheapest dates to fly to the destination. The application will then recommend whether it is good to go ahead with the bookings or wait for a more affordable deal. If there is a ‘stay tuned’ notification in the app, then it is better to remain as the app will suggest a better and cheaper deal.

Trip It 

If you have a travel plan in mind, share it on Tripit, and the app will create a master document detailed for each trip. You can also access this document anywhere, without any internet connection or Wi-fi. With a premium service subscription on TripIt Pro, you will have access to real-time flight alerts, refund alerts. You can also check reward points and miles, calculate with a currency converter and also get tripping information of more than 180 countries.

Road Trippers 

If you are the one who is more into road trips, this application is for you. Use the app when you are planning a road trip on a car. The app allows you to map the journey with around seven waypoints for free. Along the route, Road Trippers will recommend local cuisines, attractions, scenic stops and many more. There is also a pre-made guide service for popular road trips.

Hotel Tonight 

Worried about a stay in a new place? Don’t panic, use Hotel Tonight to get the last-minute hotels deals in the new site or the location you are in. The app suggests ‘basic’ to ‘luxe’ stay options and also unique boutique hotels.


This app is perfect for road trip lovers. Avoid traffic and congestion and make your road trip a pleasant experience with Waze. The app alerts you about congestion, blocked roads, police, accidents or any other hazard that are in the route. There is also a speedometer which will help you to track your speed limit. The feature also updates your arrival time to the destination based on the live traffic data.

Travel Apps to Satisfy Your Wanderlust


Kayak compares best airline fare deals, helping you to select flights based on your airline preference and departure timings. This app also allows you to book car rentals and hotels. Kayak regularly sends updates on flight timing changes, airport terminals and security wait times.


Are you looking for a room or a homestay? Airbnb is the perfect place for it! With this app, you can check through the photos and reviews and filter your accommodation based on your preferences, like a pool, bar or washing machine.


If you love exploring the local culture, people and places, Meet-up is the best! With this app, you can connect with people who have mutual interests and enjoy activities and explore areas together. It also helps you to find out local communities in different fields, be it cooking, tech, sports, music, or photography, with whom you can connect and learn more about them.


Explore adventurous places with Skyscanner with its ‘everywhere’ feature, which allows the user to look for surprising destinations based on their budget and travel timings. This app also compares airfare rates and brings you the best deal when the prices drop.

App in the Air

This app has been ranked as top on the ‘Best App’ list of Apple. This is because the app not only takes care of the itinerary and flier details but also tracks boarding and landing times of flights, along with check-in, security and customs details. With the augmented reality feature, it also helps the flyer to access if the carry-on is the perfect fit for the next flight. Not only that, if you want to know which airport has the best coffee, or where you can get a tasty snack before 7 a.m., the app will provide all the details.

Trip Advisor 

This is one of the popular and highly rated applications for travel. It has more than 700 million reviews of 8 million destinations for travellers and facilities like booking the hotel stay, a dinner reservation, or even planning a day out at the museum. The application, available in 28 languages also lets the traveller follow friends and share travel information with them. There are also travel experts who give valuable information about the trip and details about a destination.


The bathroom is a worry when going, you don’t get public restrooms anywhere. As such, Flush Toilet Finder helps avoid any such concern. With more than 190,000 public bathrooms in its database, you can check for the nearest public bathroom in your location. Flush will also let you know which bathrooms are free, are disabled friendly or require a key. The users of Flush can also rate and report a toilet.