Not in the mood to cook but want to gorge on a delicious meal? Worry not; with the best food delivery apps on your smartphone, by which you can get delicious treat at your doorstep! Getting food delivered at the comfort of your home has never been easier. The on-demand delivery apps bring any meal or delicacies at home without having to worry about anything.

Be it your favorite meal, breakfast or snacks, these food delivery apps enable all kind of food item delivery right to your home sweet home without having to worry about the commute and food quality.

Efficient Food Delivery Apps of the Year

Technowize has curated a list for you to skim through the best food delivery apps along with their features. So, say hello to your favorite pizzas, pastas and burgers with just one click and get ready to hog on them anytime.

Check out some of the best food delivery app!

1. Zomato

This is an online restaurant finder platform delivering delicacies across 25 countries globally. It was launched under the name ‘Foodiebay’ in 2008 and conducts food delivery and ordering services.

The on-demand food delivery app shows some of the best restaurants in town and also brings a unique social network community for foodies.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: online restaurant hunt, food ordering and delivery services

2. UberEats

The UberEats app functions across 1000+ significant cities like Brazil, Japan, Mexico, India, and the United States and enable users to select the favorite delicacies from local restaurants. It then delivers the food to the order address in a short period. The app recently acquired Ando, a delivery-only lunch menu featuring industrial kitchens in and around Manhattan.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: selecting favorite delicacies from local restaurants, and food delivery

3. FoodPanda

This is one of the most popular online food ordering apps operating across 41 countries. The company has its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and was launched in 2012. FoodPanda so far collaborated with almost 40,000 local restaurants globally to provide on-time food delivery services. The app has an extensive database of restaurants worldwide, and people can also access rebates and offers through the app.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: on-time food delivery, large range of restaurant options and discount offers

4. Grubhub

This app is functional across 30,000 restaurants in 800+ U.S. urban communities to deliver food. It is one of the most popular apps and has its branches in Chicago, New York, and London.

The app was launched in 2004, and so far, Grubhub collaborated with many restaurants to deliver delicacies to foodies. The orders on the app are handled by Grughub’s 24/7 customer service support teams.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: food delivery and 24/7 customer service support

5. Deliveroo

This is a London-based food delivery service startup and is functional across 200+ cities. It is the most popular food delivery service app used in Europe. The app enables customers to order food delicacies from different restaurant outlets that don’t have their outlets.

The app charges a fee from both customer and restaurant- the food lovers are charged as per the order, whereas the restaurants pay a specific commission. The Deliveroo app is popular due to the high number of food lovers, world-class client benefits, and a diverse pool of restaurants worldwide.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: food ordering and delivery, and wide range of cuisine and restaurant options

6. Domino’s Pizza

This is a popular pizza delivery app where pizza lovers can order anytime without calling. The app enables online fast food delivery, and users can make faster online orders. The app guarantees the foodies to deliver the ordered pizza within 30 minutes. Domino app also offers many lucrative coupon deals and discounts for food lovers with cheesy and luscious pizza at their doorstep.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: ordering pizzas anytime, delivery time-limit of 30 minutes and various discount deals and coupons

7. Just Eat

The Just Eat app was established in 2001 in Europe and is a search engine for local restaurants. The company has a pool of more than 82,000 restaurants, and it earns profits from charging a specific commission fee from these restaurants.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: wide-range of restaurant tie-ups and food delivery

8. DoorDash

This popular food delivery app is functional across 300 cities in 32 markets. It offers food delivery services in Canada and the U.S. the app emphasizes food quality and the working mechanism of the restaurants and their food delivery rate. The DoorDash app also has a “DoorDash Delight” feature where one can score the restaurants based on food quality.

Top and Fast food delivery apps

Use for: food delivery rate, food quality and scoring restaurants as per the food quality