Mood tracking is a part and process of maintaining positive psychology. It involves tracking, regulating, and recording the mood and emotions of a person. Mood tracker apps are recommended for patients who want to improve their mental health and people who have fluctuating moods and stress.

Top Rated Mood Tracker Apps

Mood tracker apps not only help a person to track their feelings but also remain emotionally stable and avoid any occurring negative emotions. A person will easily recognize the symptoms of an occurring negative emotion or feeling with the help of a mood tracker and remain calm and happier. Mood tracking is beneficial because it helps a person recognize the triggers to bad moods, gain control over mental health, develop a strategy for positive mental health as well as be aware of the situations.

Some of the best mood tracker apps include the following:

Daylio Mood Tracker App

This is a regular mood journaling app that lets a person identify their feelings and emotions without typing anything. The app highlights videos where the user can select the one that best suits the current mood. They can also watch the video as per the activities and add notes to it to get more information. Daylio has a “Statistics and Calendar” tool, which allows the user to record their moods for having a better understanding of the changing patterns in feelings and behavior.

MoodKit Mood Tracker App

This app has tools that are designed based on cognitive-behavioral therapy. The tools help a person to manage depressed mood, anxiety as well as stress. There are four section tools in this app: Activities, Thoughts, Mood, and Journal. The “Activities” section lets the user enter their specific goals related to their life and habits. The “Thoughts” section allows the user to mention any stressful situations that they have experienced and also record their reactions to those events. In the “Mood” section, users can rate their moods, and in the “Journal” section, they can write journal entries or additional notes on the app. This app is easy to use the tool, and the solutions and information provided to the user are based on a well-researched therapy model for people who face anxiety, stress, and depression.

Worry Watch Mood Tracker App

This app helps a person to track their anxieties and turn them into positive experiences in life so that they can learn from those and gain control in life and mind. Journaling their concerns will help them to understand the occurrence of stresses and its triggers, and hence, avoid them in the future. The app also offers several ways of analyzing and understanding the data and solutions for better mood management. Users can also review data and results of recent and past experiences in the form of pie charts or bar charts.

eMoods Mood Tracker App

This is a specialized mood tracking app, designed for the people who experience bipolar disorder. For every entry or experience, users need to rate their moods, irritability, and anxiety level on a four-point scale, starting from “none” to “severe” level. The users also need to record whether they are experiencing any psychotic symptoms. The behavioral data of the users are registered, as the hours of sleep, if the person was in therapy, and the current medication and prescription statuses. The users need to rate their symptoms once every day and at the same time every day. There is also a ‘Note’ section in the app, where the users can include any related information.

MoodTrack Diary Mood Tracker App

This app is designed to track moods and behavioral patterns. It aims to empower people by giving them the ability to handle their feelings by making positive and better decisions for life. The app allows users to rate and record feelings several times a day. The app then displays the user’s mood ratings on illustrative graphs and highlights the patterns and possible triggers for regulating moods. There is also an interactive feature in this app by which users can interact with one another through social media platforms.

Mood tracking is a form of therapy to regulate mood and behavioral shifts. It helps in preventing early symptoms of mental health issues as well as promote a person to control stress, anxiety in daily life, and have a positive and calm mood throughout the day. Maintaining a mood diary lets a person be aware of the feelings they have and also understand the triggers and avoid them. So, regulate your mood with the five best mood tracker apps!