As technology is gradually taking over every aspect of our life, it is bound to do the same with our household appliances as well. With the popularity and demand for smart home appliances increasing, scientists are coming up with various devices that take care of almost all human needs. As the number of automated appliances in our homes increase, it has also become tedious to look after them all at once. If you have added these devices to your collection one-by-one, then there are various apps that help you sync them together. If you are planning to make your house fully digital right from scratch, then all you need is a smart outlet to sort things out for you.

A smart outlet is a convenient solution if you don’t want the clutter of various gadgets scattered around your home. But these outlets are usually made for a specific product or to perform a particular function. Also, in case you buy another smart appliance, you can’t use that outlet and have to buy another one for the same. This isn’t the case with Swidget. Swidget follows a modular setup which looks into the future. This smart outlet does not restrict the functions it follows instead expands them according to your need.

Why is Swidget a future-proof smart outlet?

What makes Swidget future-proof is the fact that it is made up of two components. These are the main outlet and swappable inserts. These swappable parts can be controlled through the official Swidget app. The company has only begun with the app but aims to move on to Google Home, IFTTT, Stringify, and Nest. The swappable inserts are the essential parts of this smart outlet. This is because they act as a connecting factor between the devices and the main outlet. These inserts are the star of the show as they perform multiple functions at once.

All one has to do is set up these swappable inserts in various plug points of the house. The functions it currently provides includes a camera, speaker, aromatherapy, USB charger, motion sensor, power monitoring and a lot more. This project is now on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and has already crossed its goal. As the company gathers higher capital, it will increase the functions it provides as well. The most basic model of the Swidget smart outlet will cost you $38 at an early bird price.