Since time immemorial, change has been the only constant. Nothing new is expected to survive for long in the ever-evolving times. And just like another nail in the coffin, Tumblr has officially rolled out a new web interface. In a bid to enhance user experience and attract new users, Tumblr’s new interface summons a fresh look and feel to the popular blogging platform. 

Tumblr Interface

(Image Courtesy – Original Image by Technowize. X and Tumblr Logos by Twitter @tumblr)

But there’s a catch – it bears a striking resemblance to social media typhoon X, hitherto Twitter. With a left-aligned navigation bar and a bottom-left compose button, the revamped Tumblr interface has been scorned as a Twitter copycat, much analogous to Meta Threads’ controversy. 

Tumblr’s New Interface: Adopting A User-Focused Approach

Tumblr’s journey towards its new web interface comes at a time when the company is grappling with financial challenges. Mullenweg recently revealed that Tumblr is currently operating at a loss, spending approximately $30 million more than it generates each year. While this deficit may seem alarming, it is not entirely unexpected considering Tumblr’s history. 

Tumblr’s beginning can be traced back to 2007, as a blogging platform that encompassed users to share photos, text posts, and videos. It soared in popularity after being acquired by Yahoo! for $1.1 billion in 2013. However, Automattic, the parent company of, acquired Tumblr for a meager $3 million in 2019.

Tumblr’s new web interface tackles a more intuitive design, making it easier for existing users as well as welcoming new ones, to navigate the platform and explore the deep trenches of content

X’s leader Elon Musk has been privy to deadbeat criticism after he made several deviations to the beloved social media platform Twitter. That said, many users sought out different online spaces and in the nick of time, Tumblr has capitalized on the opportunity to attract new users. 

Tumblr has positioned itself as an appealing rebound and it might have just worked in favor as Tumblr’s iOS app downloads notably increased by 58 percent, while Tumblr’s Android users rose by 57 percent in November 2022, as per CEO Matt Mullenweg.

Recognizing the importance of user-friendly design, Tumblr has taken the feedback received during the testing phase into account and made several tweaks to ensure a seamless experience. One prominent improvement includes relocating the Settings subpages, such as Account and Dashboard, back to the right side of the Settings page. This adjustment simplifies navigation and restores familiarity for users who were accustomed to the previous layout.

Additionally, Tumblr has addressed issues related to messaging windows on smaller screens, enhancing the usability of the platform across a range of devices. The company remains committed to optimizing screen space for users with larger screens, exploring the possibility of a collapsible navigation feature that would provide even greater flexibility.

The Impact Of Tumblr’s New Interface

Despite the challenges faced by Tumblr, the introduction of a new web interface signals the platform’s determination to remain relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving social media landscape. 

Even with its loyal user base, Tumblr has been facing difficulties in expanding its daily active user count since the implementation of the infamous adult content ban. However, the platform’s existing users remain fiercely protective of its unique culture, often perceiving even minor modifications as unwelcome changes.

The introduction of Tumblr’s new web interface has garnered mixed reactions from its user community. While some users are excited about the fresh design and its similarities to X, others express dissatisfaction with the resemblance. Social media platforms often face a delicate balancing act when implementing changes, as they must cater to evolving user preferences while preserving their distinct identities. 

As Tumblr continues to refine its web interface, it remains committed to enhancing user accessibility and account management. The company is actively exploring options for a collapsible navigation feature, which would allow users to customize their browsing experience further. Additionally, Tumblr aims to improve access to accounts and side blogs, streamlining the process of managing multiple blogs within a single user profile.