Twitch's New Plans This Halloween

Amazon’s Twitch announces fascinating plans this Halloween as a surprise for game lovers in Australia. For the ones who do not have any idea about Twitch, and are not familiar with the world of games, it is a subsidiary of Amazon, which was purchased for $970 million in September 2014. It is a live streaming platform for broadcasting contents of video games. Primarily, the live video game content streaming site offers walkthrough that is stepwise demonstrations by users to complete a game task, e-sport multi-player tournaments, latest updates of news and events on games, and various other contents related to the game. The contents are easily accessible as live streaming webcasts or on demand.

Australian gamers always have complaints regarding their country’s shabby internet network, which holds them back from accessing live stream international gaming platforms like Twitch. While Australian Government keep talking and praising high over their latest initiative the National Broadband Network, which aims at providing an infrastructure to bring high-speed internet for people across the country; Twitch seems to have rolled up its sleeves and is planning to do something about the internet issue.

Twitch’s New Plans This Halloween

Programming director, Marcus Graham, acknowledged that quality of service is extremely lacking for viewers and broadcasters in the regions of New Zealand and Australia. Experts are suggesting that such latency is due to the distance gap, which live video has to travel in order to reach Aussies’ computers. This is the reason why instead of sitting back idle and waiting till Australian Government takes its efforts, Twitch to ameliorate its position Down Under, has announced numerous latest initiatives. The main highlights of these initiatives are- they will be hiring their own local staff for the first time, and the most important highlight for Aussie gamers is that a company data centre has been set up in capital Sydney.

Earlier, Technowize reported that the first ever ingest server based in Australia has been installed in Sydney to rectify the connection issue and to help broadcasters for better live streaming over Twitch platform. They are also installing video points in Sydney to enhance the experience for viewers. The service will start this November, and tests are already under process.

This certainly seems to be a fruitful move for the live streaming site, as the community of users is increasing day by day on Twitch. The company has over 100 million viewers every month worldwide.

Recently, in order to broaden its horizon beyond the world of video games, the company has added a new feature named as Twitch Creative tab on its homepage where builders and artists are free to publish their creations for viewers to have a look and offer ideas. This tab has already started streaming works live of musicians, painters, and sculptors. In order to grow and maintain the popularity, the channel is now allowing its users to stream The Joy of Painting, which is a dubbed version of The Jonathan Ross show, live from October 29, 2016, to November 6, 2016.

Graham said, “The other job is working with the [Internet service providers] to improve the Twitch performance in this region, but this is a huge step.

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