Twitter Ad revenue is now shared with the Twitter Blue Verified creators. For a matter of fact, anyone who happens to own a Blue Tick, is eligible for this lucrative offer. It goes without saying that this gives enough reasons to those who have been sanctioning a pocket-pinch of $8 per month only to ensure a Blue Tick in their possession. 

Ever since the Elon Musk takeover, Twitter, which once enjoyed the tag of the most powerful among all the social media platforms, has been the center of controversies. It started with Musk conducting a large-scale layoff as soon as he completed the multi-billion deal, which also saw its erstwhile CEO Parag Agarwal facing the ax. 

Yes, one might argue that there have been a series of mass-scale firings in the tech world over the last few months, including the Google layoffs and the Meta layoffs. However, amidst all the tech layoffs, probably the Twitter one had the worst impact on the brand image. To add to the woes, it was followed by the Twitter mass exodus, which reduced the company’s total global workforce to almost half. 

With the hue and cry refusing to fade away, Elon Musk came up with a crazy announcement, weeks back, which is now fully operational. Let’s delve deeper with the latest update on Twitter Ad revenue, to find out all the important details and the most significant aspects around it. 

Twitter Update

The Twitter ad revenue has fallen by almost 40% after the Elon Musk takeover, as 500 top advertisers have stopped spending on Twitter Ads . [Image Credit: Statista]

Twitter Ad Revenue: A Desperate Attempt to Calm Down the Panic?

For the uninitiated, only last month some shocking reports surfaced which showed that the Twitter ad revenue has fallen by almost 40% after the Elon Musk takeover. It was further revealed that as many as 500 top advertisers have stopped spending on Twitter Ads right since Musk took charge. 

This had enough reasons to worry for the stakeholders, big brands, global businesses and of course, its most valuable asset, the users. There was clearly a panic in the air. The controversies didn’t show a single sign which suggests that they will cease to exist anytime soon. 

Musk’s move to ask for $8 per month in lieu of a Blue Verified Tick, didn’t go down well with the users, brands, businesses and even influencers. Some prominent faces like ace author Stephen King, came to the front to share their angst and disgust about this ‘ridiculous’, ‘problematic’ and ‘lustful’ plan. Musk himself got involved in many tug of words on Twitter itself. 

In such a topsy-turvy scenario, Elon Musk rolled out the new Twitter Ad revenue plan, where the creators will also enjoy their share of the pie. This is believed to be a ploy on the part of Musk to bring back some lost confidence in his social media platform.

Creators who own a Twitter Blue Verified Tick, which comes at $8 per month if acquired directly via its site or $11 per month from Apple’s App Store or Google Play (but the cheapest version is an annual subscription directly from Twitter for $84), will be given a part of the platform’s earnings from advertising revenues. 

However, it’s still unclear what would be the equations of this new shared Twitter Ad Revenue model. We need to wait for some time to come across further announcements that are likely to clear the air of confusion. It would be interesting to watch out if this new move on the part of Elon Musk, manages to save Twitter from the blushes. 

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