Twitter serves as an interesting platform when you’re bored and are in a desperate need for some two-line humor. Moreover, Twitter feeds you with endless entertainment sourced from celebrities. The platform is used for promoting yourself and writing all the endless mind-numbing thoughts that appear in your mind.

It’s important to realize the above mentioned is all good when done during leisure time. What about businessmen who have no time to ‘Tweet’ or ‘Retweet’ stuff? For such individuals, there’s Twitter Dashboard App.

Twitter Dashboard App

Image: Dashboard App

The microblogging website has launched an iOS app – Dashboard, in hopes to help small and large businesses handle their Twitter accounts. Twitter Dashboard is also available for Mac users.

The App works in a similar manner to that of third-party applications such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite. It allows businesses schedule their tweets and note analytics regarding the performance of tweets over time. Furthermore, it works as Twitter for business by notifying businesses based on keywords, hashtag, or product names about Twitter mentions even if “@” is not present. This way, they can learn what their customers are talking about even if they do not mention their accounts directly.

The app consists of tips for businesses that are new to using the microblogging website as a platform to promote themselves. These clues include the time to promote positive tweets as a feedback from customers and details regarding potential content that needs to be sent.

Dashboard App

Image: Dashboard App

Major brands having dedicated teams for social media have access to sophisticated tools via partnership program of Twitter. The free Dashboard App is dedicated to medium or small-sized businesses that prefer easier and condensed basics.

The free Dashboard App doesn’t have much of a difference. It’s similar to Twitter with the biggest addition being , “ABOUT YOU”. The option shows a wide variety of mentions.

Twitter Dashboard App follows the footsteps of previous release – Engage App, by Twitter. The app is specifically released for influential personalities and celebrities with the same function as that of Dashboard App.

At present, Google and Facebook are the market giants that are dominating the space of mobile advertisements. Moreover, they are perfectly able to appeal small business owners seeking precise targeting. These two companies are known to collect massive details of users and transfer it to their clients.


Image: Dashboard App

On the contrary, Twitter is new to this. It may not be able to match the super-specific capabilities for advertising of these two platforms. But, Twitter sure has an advantage as it’s often used as a public platform to address issues regarding customer services, product takedowns, and product shoutouts.

Such testimonials are very useful for those brands that are keen on promoting messages and feedbacks from satisfied and happy customers.

The Dashboard app makes it easier for businesses to become visible among the social-media savvy crowd. Twitter Dashboard App is a standalone feature that can do wonders for businesses trying to connect with customers.

It looks like Twitter is making heavy efforts to come out as a social networking having business importance just like Facebook. The microblogging website no longer plans to be regarded only as a platform for entertainment. Rather it plans to jump on the bandwagon for some serious business.

At present, the service is available on or App Store in beta version in the United States.

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