The ‘Uncharted 4 Prison Escape’ scene has recently gone viral. Considered as one of the most memorable sequences from the smash-hit Uncharted franchise, the ‘Uncharted 4 Prison scene’ has almost broken the internet of late. 

But this is actually a very iconic scene from the UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End, which was released way back in 2016. So why is this popping up on the top of our mobile screens now? 

See, this is not something quite uncommon or unusual in the realm of games. We have seen games getting viral out of nowhere, even after a decade from its initial release. 

In the case of UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End, the game resurfaced almost out of thin air, pretty recently and now it’s almost everywhere — from the popular gaming community channels on Discord and Twitch to Facebook, Reddit and even Twitter! 

And if we have a close look to analyze its all of a sudden meteoric rise in detail, we will realize that its viral quotient traces back to one single sequence — which is none other than the ‘Uncharted 4 Prison Escape’ scene, which in turn boils down to the frenzy that has been around the game, lately.

Let’s enter the world of UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End to discover the mystery behind the prison escape scene going viral and all you need to know as a gamer. So? Fasten your seatbelts for a nerve-wrecking journey, a hell of a ride! Go, go, goooo! 

Uncharted 4 Prison Escape: All Hell Let Loose

The prison escape scene, which has steered a renewed interest in not only the UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End but also the franchise itself, happens in the second chapter, which is known as ‘Infernal Place.’ 

Before we begin our adventure through the prison of UNCHARTED 4, here’s a brief overview about this blockbuster series for the uninitiated — 

The game has been developed by NAUGHTY DOG studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End is available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

Here, the narrative revolves around the Drake brothers, Nathan and Sam. Interestingly, Sam was perceived to be dead and he rises again out of the blue. Nathan happens to be an explorer, who can go to any extent for his enormous love for adventure and treasure hunting.

Uncharted 4 Escape Scene

If you haven’t played it yet, then surely give it a shot. It’s surely one of those games worth trying, out there. For, it offers an immersive experience like never before, in its own unique style — over-the-top gameplay accompanied with a page-turner storytelling. [Image Credit: Sony]

In ‘Infernal Place’ (it’s certainly not a nice place to be in, with dangers everywhere) Nathan reunites with his older brother Sam, as they plan something big. But the place of unison is not an ideal one, as it’s a prison. To be honest, one of the most infamous prisons in the world, with a security system so tight that it seems almost impossible to break. It might remind you of prison Shawshank from the famous film The Shawshank Redemption.

But the Drake brothers belong to a rare breed, for whom the phrase ‘almost impossible’ is not a hard nut to crack. Sam, who is around five years older to Nathan, is a man of many missions and comes with a wealth of experience. And Nathan is absolutely fearless. But can he really manage to pull the job off to do an Andy Dufresne? However, the onus lies on you. 

Here the task cut out for the Drake brothers, is to clear a few objectives and break the prison. Firstly, the objectives are quite difficult and going out of the prison is like trying to escape death by beating him in a game of chess like Bergman’s classic The Seventh Seal. Here, the only difference is that time ticks away faster than your heart-beat. 

The prison seems like hell. It feels that the thick walls and high towers are saying to you what the Turkish football giant Galatasaray’s home ground says, ‘Welcome to hell!’. There are not only armed guards and expert snipers, but also dangerous inmates with a gruesome past, who can make your life hell and can even get you killed in the worst possible manner.

Just when life appears like the myth of Sisyphus, the Drake brothers rise up to the occasion. One must remember that these days, in order to succeed as a game, a stunning VFX can’t rescue you anymore, there has to be a gripping story at the heart of the game. And the way of storytelling also matters. In this case, it’s just way too brilliant!

Coming back to the incredible duo of Nathan and Sam, who always refuse to give up. Here, you have to fill in the shoes of the impeccable Nathan Drake, who needs to solve a riddle, tackle a hell of a fight with the rival group of fellow inmates and finally, fly high above the prison walls with his beloved brother Sam.

There’s an uncanny similarity between the Uncharted 4 prison scene and the superhit indie game Freedom Fighter, whose sequel never came out despite such fervent cries across the global gaming community. 

Those who have played the beautifully animated game, know that in the very opening scene, Chris, the protagonist, sees his brother being taken away as a captive by the intruders. He then fights one of the army personnels with his bare hands and a wrench at his disposal. Right next, he manages a molotov cocktail. 

But here, Sam has not even something like a plumbing wrench to get the better of his inmates with a shivering criminal past. Before figuring things out, a dog fight breaks loose. Sam and Nathan manage to beat those rival inmates and embark on a seemingly impossible journey —  breaking the prison. 

The alarm gets raised soon and along with Sam and Nathan, the other inmates of the same group, who are on the mission to escape the prison, start facing the chin music. Snipers and sharpshooters open up fire. Guards go all guns blazing after them.

In such a hammer and tongs situation, where you would find most of the doors being locked, friends falling down after receiving ghastly blows, life comes to a standstill amidst such mayhem. Gunshots start to find rhythm, but madness doesn’t find a method. Pain and angst go hand in hand, you feel shivers down the spine after brushing shoulders with death every now and then. 

The Uncharted 4 prison escape sequence can give any Hollywood blockbuster a serious run for money. It’s so truthful, it’s so lifelike, despite the grandeur being larger than life. The animations are breathtaking coupled with symphonies created by gunpowder, cries, alarm bells, shouts and often, to break the monotony, bomb blasts. 

Sam and Nathan appear invincibles. They seem like the Last of the Mohicans who refuse to perish and don’t give an inch of space despite all odds being pitted against them, pushing them hard to fade away into oblivion. The Drake brothers run for their life. The Drake brothers run with their life. Sam and Nathan run with all they have — the indomitable zeal to live life once again. 

But it’s not a level-playing field. David doesn’t always manage to outsmart Goliath. The nail-biting sequence seems straight outta action-thrillers life. And as it happens in life, unlike ‘hero’-worshiping movies, the protagonists seem to be people of flesh and blood. They fight but at times, they fail too.

In a heart-wrenching chain of events, dipped in drama, Sam sacrifices himself to let Nathan have a safe passage. Nathan goes blank and screams and refuses to leave the place, until one of his close aides barges upon him and cries that ‘He’s dead’. Nathan can’t process the fact that his brother Sam is no longer there, he won’t spring a surprise again by resurfacing out of nowhere. 

Shared dreams fall apart, the center cannot hold. Nathan finally resumes his run for life, the desperate attempt to go beyond the reach of death, which is chasing them in several terrible forms. 

The detailed visuals and sharp characterization make us fall in love with the game. In all likelihood, this Uncharted 4 prison scene will go down to the Hall of Fame of gaming. Hence, it’s no wonder that the ‘Uncharted 4 Prison Escape’ sequence has gone viral like nothing. The game deserves to be seen through a new looking glass and it deserves huge accolades, which it has started to bag, finally, something that was long overdue.

If you haven’t played it yet, then surely give it a shot. It’s surely one of those games worth trying, out there. For, it offers an immersive experience like never before, in its own unique style — over-the-top gameplay accompanied with a page-turner storytelling. 

Stay tuned with us for more exclusive updates on gaming and beyond. Meanwhile, you can change the music by checking out the eFootball 2023 Season 3 update, something a game nerd like you simply can’t afford to miss. Happy gaming! 

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