Ever wondered what it’s like to have a wearable display that doesn’t spell out privacy concerns? Introducing Vufine, a camera-free versatile display, similar to Google Glass, that one can easily wear and get access to great display quality on the go.

This new toy in town can be mounted on any wearable glass with the help of its magnetic dock. It comes with a 720p display. It can be attached to any smartphone or tablet to be used as a second display. For camera, Vufine also works as a viewfinder, for example if you need to capture an image, all you need to do is scan the desired area and camera will automatically detect the view and capture it..

Vufine has a 0.19 micro display that can receive an HDMI signal and acts as a platform of 720p display that appears as a 4-inch display from 11 inches from the eye. The resolution of the display panel is qHD 960×540. The display is similar and superior to the ones like Google Glass and many more. It boasts a high definition display and the picture quality is crisp for enjoying videos and reading texts.

Vufine can be easily adjusted for personal comfort and everyday use!

Applications of Vufine

  1. Vufine is extremely easy to integrate into everyday activities.
  2. Connect Vufine into your smartphone, tablet or laptop to either act as a second display or display like GPS directions, texts and emails.
  3. It is the perfect way to watch Netflix or hulu while you are on your daily subway or train commute.
  4. Vufine works as a viewfinder for the camera.
  5. It is also helpful as viewfinder for GoPro to make sure that you are capturing the exact scene.
  6. For bicycles and motorcycles, it can work as a rear view finder.
  7. It is useful as a second display for many professionals, for example, a doctor can use it as second display, a mechanic can get a better second display for the part to be repaired.

Key featuresof Vufine

  1. Price $149
  2. The wearable device connects to your glasses.
  3. Facilitates a new, wearable display for existing devices.
  4. No operating systems required.
  5. No camera is required, so no privacy concerns.

Timeline of Vufine

  1. JANUARY 2015: idea conception
  2. JUNE 2015: Kickstarter campaign
  3. SEPTEMBER 2015: product packaging
  4. NOVEMBER 2015: delivery