Eyse 3D Camera

Eyse 3D Camera, Image Credit: Kickstarter

Eyse 3D camera is your new friend, which allows you to experience and share extraordinary moments. You can experience these moments in live with sound and motion, and real 3D vision. You can easily carry the camera for a capturing real time VR experience anywhere you want to.

This Wi-Fi 3D camera is equipped with twin cameras. These two capture videos simultaneously from two prospects. Eventually, this creates an immersive 3D real time experience over direct Wi-Fi for a remote viewer.

Eyse 3D camera transmits motion and inertial data to the viewer and has bi-directional audio. This allows viewers to have an immersive ‘live’ experience of every action in real-time.

As they say, the real experience of VR comes when you’re able to live an absolutely different life. You feel and view things from an entirely different perspective. The 3D camera – Eyse, allows you just the same. The project has marked its debut on Kickstarter today. It simply aims to make the real time VR experience a possibility for every individual who owns a smartphone.


Eyse 3D Camera, Image Credit: Kickstarter

This 3D camera is going to be a fabulous sight, if only, it really works. The features are quite cool. The device carries two 5 MP, HD camera, which are upgradable to 13 MP. The camera can pivot at a motion of 110 degrees. You can power the camera on and off by using a simple button.

The smartphone connectivity feature allows you to access and handle data, videos, and images securely and remotely within your device. You can enjoy stereoscopic and 3D movies. The device is VR compatible as the Beta kit consists of a headset, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The customized shock absorbers in camera make the gadget shock-resistant.

It’s water-resistant so you can go scuba-diving with it or take a stroll in damp climatic zones. For better reliability, redundancy, and location tracking, the Eyse 3D camera has twin (active and passive) GPS units. Built-in microphone and speaker allow communication. The rechargeable two Li-ion batteries can work with any Qi induction charger. You can look, speak, and listen through this camera due to its remote monitoring feature.


Eyse 3D Camera, Image Credit: Kickstarter

Not only this, contact films available for the device are interchangeable. You can use lens filters and films for ‘eyes’ of the camera. This will protect and improve the quality of sight, create various effects and moods, and filter UV light. If you’re a fan of painting, you can customize a few films, which are available in different colors and are easily replaceable.

The early bird special price offer is $299, which will eventually reach $399. Sure, it’s a little expensive considering the device is currently being marketed as a fun device, more like a toy. Let’s see how it impresses the mass.

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