It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve been using the iPhone 6 line-up. Even though many claim the current line-up as the not-so-hit model, it doesn’t matter, as it’s an iPhone after all. The perfect blend of innovation and spectacular design. The Cupertino behemoth is geared up to release iPhone 7 this fall, but Apple aficionados are desperately waiting for the launch of iPhone 8. The Apple team is planning to release this model in 2017 to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

What Makes the Upcoming iPhone 8 A Major Deal?

Upcoming iPhone 8 A Major Deal

Image: iPhone 8 Concept

The anticipation of iPhone 8 doesn’t make the upcoming iPhone 7 any less. The model releasing this fall is surely going to be one the Apple’s most powerful launches, but let’s just say that there will be upgrades in software with no major changes in design. To put it another way, Apple has kept spectacular design reserved for iPhone 8. How about we take a quick tour of the model and check how the anniversary addition makes a bigger bet.

Running a Quick Check on iPhone 8 Features

The iPhone 8 will be a game changer for the iOS giant. The company is trying to pull its best efforts, especially after its recent conditions namely, the decline in iPhone sale, suspension of iPhone 6 sales in China, and falling market of iPhone. Reportedly, China holds a strong position for Apple being its second highest source of revenue and a strong comeback in the form of iPhone 8 will re-strengthen its hold in leading markets. Here are the most anticipated features of the iPhone 8, which will give the Cupertino giant its much-needed break.

iPhone 8 Hardware:

Individuals looking for a worthy hardware upgrade will definitely anticipate this model. In terms of hardware, iPhone 7 will be the same like its predecessors. The hardware for this model will arrive in A10 chipset and with greater RAM and internal storage. The iPhone 7 is assumed to arrive with 3GB RAM and internal storage in three variations, i.e. 32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB respectively. There are chances that iPhone 8 will have 6GB RAM and an additional storage of 256 GB apart from the three listed above. If iPhone 8 rumors are anything to go by, the company is planning to pack the anniversary edition device with the goodness of virtual reality. How cool is that?

iPhone 8 Display:

The iPhone 7 line-up releasing this fall, i.e. the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro, is expected to arrive packed in the same old display screen made up of TFT LCD technology. Quite frankly, the LCD displays are an old case now. OLED and SuperAMOLED displays are the new cool. The upcoming iPhone 8 is reportedly in talks with manufacturers for OLED display screens. The patent and analysis collected so far hint towards the same. The screens will be anti-reflective and anti-glare.

iPhone 8 Design:

The display will be wrapped around the corners of iPhone, which certainly suggests that iPhone 8 may not have volume buttons. This is a feast considering Apple is planning to get rid of the Home Button as well. So we can expect the 2017’s iPhone to be fully touch-controlled. According to numerous iPhone 8 rumors collected so far, the anniversary model will be given a glass-like design. It’ll look like we’re looking at a single glass sheet. The model will get rid of the external metal body. The thick antenna bands, which seem to have been plaguing Apple’s smartphone models since the launch of iPhone 6 will receive a much-needed design break.