Commencing next year, the US military’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM) will begin to test out an experimental pill that it states can stave off the results of aging on soldiers. Seems like the US military is not only advancing in Artificial Intelligence and smart weaponry but they are also working to enhance the performance of their manpower.

The Special Operations Command is reportedly working on an anti-aging pill that can diminish or hinder the reduction of performance that occurs with the aging and scars of their soldiers. While the word anti-aging has been confirmed to be just lip service, it will be fascinating to see what they offer.

The research, Breaking Defense reports, is part of a potential to expand human capability and keep soldiers healthy and working at peak performance for longer. And, pending triumphant performance and clinical experiments, it could make its way out into the public as a unique longevity strategy for the crowds as well.

Lisa Sanders, the director of science and technology for Special Operations Forces, acquisition, technology, and logistics or SOF AT&L told that the pill “has the capacity, if it is successful, to actually prevent aging, truly block the onset of injury — which is extremely game-changing”. The pill is being manufactured in partnership with a private biotech laboratory named Metro International Biotech, LLC.

SOCOM is utilizing Other Transaction Authority or OTA funds for the pill’s progress. According to Navy Cmdr. Tim Hawkins, who is a spokesperson of SOCOM, “We have performed pre-clinical protection and dosing studies in hope of follow-on performance experiment in the financial year 2022”. He also revealed that the pill is based off on the human performance small molecule concept.

By flooding soldiers’ regularities with additional NAD+, SOCOM wishes to reduce age-linked wounds, enhance physical and mental health, and keep soldiers’ performance from fading over the time of their careers. These struggles are not about building physical features that don’t already survive naturally,” SOCOM spokesperson and Navy Commander Tim Hawkins told Breaking Defense. “This is about improving the mission willingness of our troops by developing performance characteristics that typically decrease with age. The pill is basically a dietary supplement that boosts levels of the NAD+ molecule, which is a compound usually found in the uncontrolled nootropics industry that has been associated with aging and the multiple ways in which the human body declines over time.