Google is introducing a new useful feature for its Gmail users. It is known as “Offline Gmail.”

Google has provided an easier way for users to search, read through, and send emails without an internet connection. 

With Google’s 1.8 billion users, the tech giant has found it fit to assist anyone who might have a poor internet connection around their area and is unable to use their Gmail to read and send emails. 

It’s important to note that Google is the most widely used mailing platform in the world, and according to reports, it claims about 18 percent of the overall electronic mail market share. It has also been reported that approximately 75 percent of Gmail users access the platform via their phones. 

Many people believe this could be the reason why the technology company has decided to provide an offline Gmail which can be accessed without an internet connection. 

How do I set my Gmail to be offline?

Google stated that to access the new Gmail offline mode, users will have to use the Chrome browser window and must not be using incognito mode. Instead, they should use the normal mode to have access to Gmail offline. 

Offline mode on Gmail Google

To begin, open the Chrome browser window and use the website,, to open Gmail and sign in. After you have signed in, you can navigate and click on the settings option.

Next, you will select the “See All Settings” option. Afterwards, click on the Gmail offline settings option. Navigate and select the “Enable offline mail” option. Several other options will be provided after this selection. You can decide on the number of days you want your messages to be synced. 

You also get to decide whether the Gmail offline data should be kept on your system or if it should be removed. After making this selection, you will be prompted to save the changes. After saving the changes, the offline Gmail is now available for use. 

Helpful tips to access Gmail offline

Google has also provided tips to help access this feature more easily. Users are advised to bookmark their Gmail so they can use it offline. You can do this by opening the Gmail inbox in Chrome and navigating towards the right of the address bar. Next, click on the star icon, which represents the bookmark. After this, you can now easily use your Gmail offline mode without having to start the process from scratch by clicking the bookmark you created for Gmail offline. 

How to remove your Gmail offline data

You can also clear all the data from your offline Gmail when necessary. To do this, you will open the Chrome browser window and at the top right corner, select More, which is represented by three dots. Next, navigate and click on “Advanced.” After this, locate and select “Privacy and security” from the options. Then, click on “Content settings” and select “Cookies.” Next, click on “See all cookies and site data” and select “Remove all.” At the end of this process, all your offline Gmail data is deleted. 

How to turn off the Gmail offline feature

For users, who would like to turn off the Gmail offline mode at any moment in time, you can easily do that. You will have to visit your Gmail account in Chrome and click on the Gmail offline settings. Next, uncheck the “Enable offline mail” option. Once you do this, the Gmail offline feature will be disabled. 


This offline Gmail feature introduced by Google is a go-to for anyone who finds themselves in areas where the internet connection is poor. This should make searching, reading, and sending mail much easier for them.