V-Moda has made a mark as a high-quality audio manufacturer for around 10 years now. The California-based company specializes in rich-bass headphones, portable headphone amplifiers and other portable products. After the portability got no big deal, the company haven’t released anything that shows out of the highly saturated audio market. The company has released V-Moda Remix Bluetooth speaker, first 3D printed, fully faceted custom product whose hi-fi sound system drives you with the feel of music.

V-Moda Remix bluetooth Speaker

The company has been working for quite some time to develop the first of its kind 3D printed custom speaker. After some 50 prototypes and three years of warm-up the company released the V-Moda Remix bluetooth speaker. The CEO Val Kolton defines the product as the first consumer product available with customizable surfaces via futuristic manufacturing technology.

What do you unpack?

When you unpack the rectangular box you many find the main component i.e., V-Moda Remix speaker in a mould. The box also includes USB-A to USB-C charging cable, daisy-chain audio cable with 45-degree 24k gold plated plugs and 4x remix rings with one pair installed on speaker. Additionally, the six star service and 1-year Warranty is also accompanied with the product. Surprisingly, the V-Moda didn’t provide a wall-charger in the speaker package which is expected generally.

V-Moda Remix Bluetooth speaker: Features and Design

The V-Moda Remix sports an exclusive and innovative design. The black rectangle speaker is coated with the durable black vinyl material which gives it a sophisticated look. The front and the rear of the speaker have hexagonal metal carves intended to protect the drivers. There are lot of 3D add-ons available to customize the speaker’s aesthetic/appearance which maydiffer the price range of the speaker concerning the selected add-on.

The backside of the speaker features a USB-C ports as well as 3.5mm ports for both incoming and outgoing audio with the label-mark of In and Vamp respectively. The top portion of the speaker contain the control buttons for power and volume and for the rest there is a button that supports multiple functionalities like play/pause, audio forwarding and Siri/Google Voice operating. You can also direct the audio out of the speaker or the Vamp port with the multifunction button. The Vamp port for headphone amplifier is the major highlight of the Remix speaker and the V-Moda is well-known for that specially. You can also daisy-chain the multiple Remix speakers for bigger sound system with the help of Vamp port.

The Remix Bluetooth speaker possesses 3400 mAH battery which is likely to last over 10 hours. The varying LED patterns indicate the battery status.

Audio Performance

The Remix plays out impressive volume and vibrant and revealing soundstage. The massive volume of the speaker makes it good to go with while having a small party or a get together. The sound is characterized by deep sub-bass response and differentiating highs that separate all elements of the sound precisely. The high-bass and vivid sound characteristics is justified by the passive radiator present at the rear side of the speaker.

The V-Moda Remix Bluetooth speaker competitors

The V-Moda Remix will compete with the other portable speakers such as Riva Turbo X, Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom and Bowers and Wilkins’ incredible T7; all which have nearly similar price. But undoubtedly, with the features like integrated headphone amp and visual customizable carves the Remix stand out uniquely.

V-Moda Remix Price

The V-Moda Remix price is $300 which is justified with the integrated headphone amplifier. Though the separate DAC would make the speaker the best choice but it is a good choice even with the unique headphone amp.