The Sony Vaio PC’s has made an exceptional mark as the best Windows PC’s. After a long time now, we have received the official announcement about the release of its new product, the luxuriant Vaio Z Flip Laptop.

As we know that back in 2014, the Sony sold the Vaio’s PC production unit to the Japanese company. We so are now eagerly waiting to eye whether Vaio will maintain the elegant performance, which had always been kept consistent by Sony. Will the company be able to stand-out and make its mark?

Vaio Z Flip Laptop

Vaio Z Flip Features

The 13-inch Z Flip is very slim and compact with a posh-end appearance. The blueish gun-metal covering makes it look sleek. It has a 3.3GHz Intel core i7 processor chip due to which you can rapidly perform the required.

The Intel’s latest Iris 550 graphics inside enriches your gaming experience with high resolution and animation. And the laptop provides enough strength to enjoy any of the old games with 1080p resolution with graphics set at medium levels.

The In-plane switching screen has 2560*1440 pixel resolution and 220-pixel density, which makes it easy to work from all angles. Moreover, the experience of the extended touch screen defines the screen’s goodness.

The SRGB color spectrum provides 100 percent quality in terms of its color visibility. The Operating system included in the system is the latest Windows 10 pro. The 2.96lbs of its weight helps us with its easy portability. The internal storage capacity is 256/512 GB and the available primary memory (RAM) is 8GB/16GB.

In terms of connections, it serves the following:

  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • One HDMI port
  • One memory card slot

Vaio Z Flip Price

The Vaio Z Flip Laptop has been in cutthroat competition with Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Book considering its price and its exclusive features. The Z flip Laptop is priced $1,799 which is very expensive.

Vaio Z Flip Release date

The Vaio Z Flip Laptop will be launched in February month of the current year. The exact date is yet to be announced.


The battery life seems to not match-out its high-end features and is comparatively low with heavy usage.
The position of the speaker is found inappropriate in building-up of the hardware.
The screen has high resolution but is very much glossy which might get to be the fall-over in the overall experience.

Flip Making It Unique

There have been a lot of 2-in-1’s available on the market, but the Vaio’s Z flip 2-in-1 stand out exclusively well. You could bend the screen by pressing a small release switch located at the top of the keyboard.

The Vaio’s Z Flip Laptop is a premium power-packet with all those sophisticated features. If you are willing to spend your penny for getting all these high-end features, then you should give a thought to this Windows Z Flip PC.