Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE is now available for all consumers on Microsoft online store and a few brick and mortar stores. The pre-order of the product begins today in US, Canada and Australia and the shipment commences on May 1st. The decision was taken after Microsoft limited Surface Pro with LTE to its business customers only in December 2017.

The new Surface Pro is promoted as the ultimate work companion. Transform it into a laptop for conventional desk setup, or into a tablet to work while you walk, or into a studio to explore the creative artist in you. Experience the uncompromising mobility while you stay connected wherever you are!

Microsoft Surface Pro With LTE

Surface Pro LTE Microsoft

Currently, Microsoft has made available two models with LTE with same processor unit- Intel® Core™ i5-7300U. It delivers more speed and performance— with up to 50% more battery life1 than Surface Pro 4 and 2.5x more performance than Surface Pro 3. The company made a smart move by installing i5-7300U as the space for the CPU fan in the Core i7 Surface Pro is replaced with the LTE and modem in the fanless Core i5.

One model has 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM ($1,149), while the other has 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM ($1,449). The prices are $150 more than their respective non-LTE counter partners. In any case, the accessories, either the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover ($ 159.99) or the Surface Pen ($99.99), or Surface Keyboard ($99.99) are the additional cost to the buyer’s pocket.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

There are two additional internal upgrades are done to create LTE version of Surface Pro.  A Cat 9 modem supports Micro-SIM with a theoretical data limit of downloading at 450 Mbps and uploading at 150 Mbps. Another is an embedded SIM (e-SIM) which allows connections to pay-as-you-go data services without attaching any external SIM card.

The new Surface Pro runs on Windows 10 Pro and also includes Office 30-day trial. Surface Pro LTE claims 12.5 hrs of video playback, which is unnoticeable lesser than its non-LTE model (13.5 hrs of video playback).


Fascinatingly, along with other sensor features, Surface Pro with LTE also supports GPS. Yes, the GPS system combined with the built-in Maps feature of Windows 10! It has the ability to download maps for offline usage. The feature allows you travel (navigate) and work or read on the laptop together without going through the hassle of switching the devices on any journey.

Microsoft has made a strong attempt to enhance mobile productivity while crafting a multi-form, powerful, high speed, quiet and ultra lightweight gadget. Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE is a perfect blend of personalization, adaptability, and performance. Incorporating the price factor, $150 premium for personal data connection is safe, reliable and available at remote locations also.

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Specifications

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE