Video chat apps are a great boon to people, and it connects to loved ones when people fail to visit them. Just a quick call, and you can see your loved ones on screen and share feelings with them. Of late, video chat apps have become extremely popular. Video chat apps are seeing a spike on the app charts. They are a video chat platform to help people and their friends and family to be together when they aren’t near. However, making a video call needs both the people to have an account on that platform. The apps are only useful if both the person uses them.

Some of the best and leading video chat apps are:


This is one of the most used applications for instant texts. The app also has a video chat platform where users can connect with others visually anywhere across the globe. Whatsapp has a vast international audience and allows four people to come together in a video call.


This is one of the popular video apps present today. Launched by Apple, it is popular because of the 1 billion iPhone owners across the globe. However, one of the drawbacks of this app is that it works only within the Apple iOS circle and doesn’t let users call other people who have Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phones. FaceTime allows 32 people to stay connected at one time in a call.

Google Duo

Google Duo works on both platforms, be it Apple or Android. It not only works on phones, but you can use it on your laptop, computer, or anywhere. The Duo video calling is also enabled in the Nest Hub video display units launched by Google. Google Duo allows eight people to stay connected at one time in a call

Google Hangouts

This is one of the most used and popular video chat applications. Google hangout is multiplatform and allows ten people to stay connected at one time in a call.


This is the boss of video chat applications. Owned by Microsoft, this app is more focused on communication rather than a fun conversation with stickers and GIFs like in FaceTime. Skype allows 50 people to stay connected at one time in a call.


The Zoom video chat app is free to use. However, one session has a 40-minute limit haul. The pricing of video chat subscription plans starts at $14.99 monthly for several participants and more extended conversations. Zoom allows 100 people to stay connected at one time in a call for a free version, and 100+ participants for a paid subscription.

Facebook Messenger 

This app from Facebook is one of the popular tools of connection and is used primarily for chatting and doing activities like transferring money and playing games. There are also video and audio call features in the Facebook Messenger. This app also has a version for kids, connected with a parent or an adult account, which allows the parents and supervisors to add trusted connections and monitor exchanges in the call. Facebook Messenger allows 6 people to stay connected at one time in a call.


Owned by Epic games of Fortnite game fame, this application is for teens for group video chats. The app allows 8 people to stay connected at one time in a call.

This is a video chat platform that lets users play games together between 8 pm to 11 pm Eastern Time. During a pregame lottery selection, the app allows six players who are selected to appear on the camera.