What is Video KYC Verification?

A video KYC verification uses video technology to verify the identity of individuals remotely, replacing the traditional Know Your Customer process. KYC procedures can be conducted more efficiently and securely with video verification, also known as video identification. Some organizations choose to use live video calls to connect users with KYC agents, while others may use video capture to detect fraud signals at critical points in the KYC flow.

Key Components of Video KYC Verification

  1. Video Interview KYC: A remote KYC agent will help you conduct a video interview with a person face-to-face. To verify their identity, customers have to digitally submit their documents.
  2. Automated Video Capture: Certain businesses choose to automatically record video at specific points within the KYC process. This footage can be later reviewed manually to identify potential fraud.
  3. Real-time Verification: The video KYC process includes live video interactions, allowing for immediate verification of customers. This method enables the comparison of the customer’s live image with submitted identity documents, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  4. Remote and Accessible: Recognized by regulatory bodies such as the Reserve Bank of India, video KYC enables customers to complete the KYC process remotely, without the need to visit physical branches. This convenience is made possible through the use of smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

Video KYC improves security, reduces fraud risk, and streamlines the onboarding process for customers. Businesses can streamline their KYC workflows with live video interactions and digital document submission while maintaining due diligence.

Video KYC verification

Benefits of Video KYC Verification

Enhanced Security

Customers’ identities can be verified more securely with video KYC. A real-time video interaction makes it harder for people to use fake identification documents and IDs. Fraud can be prevented with the technology because it monitors body language and checks information on the spot. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and biometric verification make the system even more secure, effectively blocking spoofing and deepfaking attempts.

Improved Customer Experience

Video KYC is convenient and fast, so it’s a great customer experience. Simply show your ID to the camera and answer a few questions to complete the verification process remotely.  Not only does this reduce friction, but it also reduces the likelihood of applications being abandoned. It is quicker and less resource-intensive than traditional methods, so it improves customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

Cost Efficiency

Using video KYC is a cost-effective solution for fintechs and financial institutions. It is cheaper than in-person verification because there’s no physical infrastructure and no staff needed. KYC automates and streamlines the customer verification process, resulting in significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency for financial institutions. Additionally, the technology reduces onboarding time from days to minutes, making it even more efficient.

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses use video KYC to meet stringent regulatory requirements and prevent crime. Financial institutions can prevent penalties or legal issues by performing digital identity verification remotely while adhering to compliance frameworks and industry standards. This builds trust among customers, regulators, and financial institutions.

Implementing Video KYC Verification in Your Business

Choosing the Right Solution Provider

Video KYC providers should have experience with customer verification in order to ensure a seamless implementation. You need to make sure the solution can scale and be customized to meet your unique needs.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

  1. In order to meet the requirements of various regulatory frameworks and standards, the chosen video KYC solution must keep up with relevant regulations and guidelines.
  2. Regular updates to the system are necessary to stay aligned with changing regulatory requirements, helping us avoid legal complications.

Providing Customer Education

  1. You can initiate targeted marketing campaigns to inform your customers about the advantages of video KYC and its usage.
  2. Offering technical support for those facing difficulties with the video KYC platform is crucial. This includes enhancing the platform’s user interface and ensuring compatibility across devices.

Top Video KYC Verification Companies

KYC Lithuania

Robust Video KYC Solutions of KYC Lithuania allows businesses to onboard clients remotely and securely. Their video KYC platform leverages advanced biometric technology to verify customer identities. Onboard customers remotely and seamlessly with real-time facial recognition, liveness detection, data privacy compliance, and multilingual support.

KYC Luxembourg

Video KYC Solution of KYC Luxembourg helps financial and other firms in Luxembourg to verify the identities of customers remotely. Their solution is designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the Luxembourg market. This secure video KYC solution offers automated document validation, data extraction, integrates with your systems, and provides comprehensive audit trails and reporting.

KYC Hungary

KYC Hungary assists Hungarian businesses to validate and verify your potential customers with their industry-leading ID verification solutions. Their platform enables businesses to onboard new customers remotely while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Ensuring compliance with Hungarian financial regulations, seamless integration with local electronic ID systems, advanced fraud detection and anti-money laundering checks, and providing 24/7 customer support and technical assistance.

KYC Iceland

The KYC Iceland video KYC solution makes it easy and secure for businesses in the Nordic and Baltic regions to verify customer identities. Their solution streamlines the onboarding process by utilizing video and biometric technologies. Their video KYC solution is optimized for Iceland, simple to integrate, strong data security and privacy, and offers dedicated technical support.


Video KYC is going to be the future of customer verification. Regulatory compliance and the tangible benefits it offers businesses and consumers pave the way for broader acceptance and implementation. Video KYC can help businesses not only meet the evolving demands of digital verification but also set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction and security by choosing the right provider and integrating seamlessly. Digital identity verification isn’t just convenient, it’s efficient, secure, and compliant in the future.