Our emotions play a major role in our lives; it impacts our behavior and our decisions in a tremendous manner. Humans were evolved to stay with other humans, interacting with them emotionally. But as the technology has advanced, we have moved on from face-to-face interactions to pinging and chatting. Sure, we can express our emotions through those so-called emojis, but can they equate expressions of a human face? Is there a way to change this and add emotions to the technology? Maybe the app with EQ that Rana talks about in this video could help.

The technology that exists today is really intelligent cognitively but they seem really worthless emotionally. While most of the people spend half of their day, interacting with those screens, it would be great if those devices would understand our emotions and respond accordingly. As you saw in the video, this app with EQ could tell if you are smiling or frowning, surprised or smirking, which can be really helpful in developing technology with EQ.

App with EQ can know how you feel

Imagine you are chatting on your phone, reading some messages, and when you smile, your smartphone recognizes that you are happy and will respond in such a way. That would be amazing if your smartphone felt the same for you as you do for it, right?

It is astonishing how this app senses Cloe’s emotions and displays them accurately on the screen. The app observes every minute detail when humans display their facial expressions, making it possible to differentiate between similar expressions. However, don’t expect this app to respond to your poker face!

This app with EQ can be combined with various devices until the time comes when we will have a built-in emotion chip in our devices. Within a decade or two, all the gadgets that we might use will be emotionally intelligent, and we may be surprised by thinking of the time when machines were void of emotions.