Nowadays computers are so miraculous, that we fail to notice how dreadful they are. Everyone is so obsessed with their smartphones and laptops that they hardly realize that these technologies are becoming the barriers in their social life in some or the other way. But wait, there are also cases when the very same technology helps you to socialize even more and develop relationships. So who is to blame in such scenario? Is technology the bad guy who creates a barrier between human interactions or it’s us? Well, we can address this problem with the help of neuroscience.

As Meron Gribetz mentions in the video, digital information is not the problem. It is simply the way it is used that really makes the difference. Remember that time when you are so busy in typing those messages or checking someone’s social media profile that you are completely disconnected with your surrounding world? Well, technology was meant to connect us further, instead of separating us from our surrounding. But that hasn’t happened for the longest time! (Okay, stop humming the song!)

Iron Man Would Be Proud of Neuroscience Headset

Technology should be extending our reach, but I think it is doing quite the opposite. It is binding you to those rectangles with more rectangles with some buttons to fumble. Whether you need to send a greeting to a friend or you want to send an email to your boss, you are relying on this technology, which doesn’t even let you live in the present. It creates its own world, and you are somewhere lost inside it. There should be a better alternative to this as we are introduced to those natural machines that use augmented reality to reconnect us with our surrounding.

When you use Meta 2 like headset, which uses neuroscience, it extends your senses, instead of going against them. You can simply touch and manipulate the objects, learn new details and interact with the things in real world, making it a part of your surroundings. Whether you are shopping for some dresses or buying a car, you can simply touch the product to know more about it. There are endless possibilities of how to use this natural machine and interact with the objects using augmented reality. So with the help of neuroscience, the future of technology is no more locked inside the computer screens.