Crowned as the world’s best professional Go player, Lee Sedol is playing his third match against AlphaGo that is powered by Google DeepMind Artificial Intelligence. So far, Lee Sedol has lost two out of five matches already, and while you’re reading this, the third match is underway in Seoul at the Four Seasons hotel. Today’s match will be the icebreaker. Lee Sedol needs to come up with some serious strategies to defeat AlphaGo if he needs to keep his crown intact as the best player of the most complex Chinese board game, Go. His victory is also crucial for proving that however intelligent AI programs might be, it’s still the humans that take the lead.

You can watch the live stream of this match with commentary here. 

Artificial Intelligence Defeat Lee Sedol

A proud moment for Google’s AlphaGo as it beats Go Champion Lee Sedol thrice in a row, but an equally depressing moment for the world’s top champion who is known as the master of strategy. Sedol admits how challenging and pressurizing the entire match has been for him, and maybe the most difficult match in his entire career.

AlphaGo’s third victory in a row marks a major accomplishment for Google DeepMind as it proves just how powerful its AI program is, by consistently defeating the master of the most complex game in the universe.