We know how important sleep can be for any individual and therefore we bring to you the smart bed cover, LUNA. LUNA knows exactly how to make your sleep experience wonderful and relaxing.

It functions by keeping a record of the user’s sleep patterns, heart rate and breath rate, making the sleeping experience completely suitable for the individual’s needs.

What’s best about LUNA is that it not only complies well with one individual’s body temperature needs, but also allows the individual’s partner to define their own temperature preferences by working from both the sides of the bed.

What else can be better than having your bed communicate with your smart phone to gather information about how much exercise you get in a day, to make your sleep better?

LUNA is thin, light and designed in such a way that it can be as invisible as possible so users don’t feel surrounded by technological devices in their bedrooms.

LUNA is safe. LUNA is comfortable. LUNA is the smart bed cover that will give you a smart sleep.