Today, we spend a huge amount of time, interacting with screens. Somehow, screens have replaced people and human-to-human interaction has elapsed. How about making some technology that makes people the centre of everything? Microsoft HoloLens can do that by not limiting our interactions to screens and through connecting us to other humans, bringing us infinitely closer to each other.

With Microsoft HoloLens, the technology can not only see what we see but also experience what we touch and feel. It makes 3D holograms a part of our real world, enabling us to experience it as a part of our surrounding. Such technology not only helps companies to build better products, but it also helps NASA scientists to explore different planets holographically.

Microsoft HoloLens To Evolve Humans Interact

After a few decades, maybe 2D technology will be really limited and people will adopt more realistic ways for interaction, some technology that really understands humans and their behavior and will enhance human experience instead of limiting it. The way these holograms facilitate humans to be part of more than one physical place at the very same time is completely astonishing.

Microsoft HoloLens

The way Jeff is able to observe the replica of Mars, experiencing it in person is how the future of holographic content will be. It will make it a lot easier to experience virtual things in real life using the amazing Microsoft HoloLens.

As Alex Kipman says, HoloLens can be used in your apartment too. It will automatically learn the structure of your apartment and will map in real time with five frames per second. It will work perfectly fine even if you use it at your home. All you need is constant connectivity so that you don’t stop viewing those amazing holographic content.

So next time you see some ghost-like person, see again, it may be your friend, interacting with you using this wonderful technology.