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The Mesmerising World of Motion and Cinematic Visuals with After Effects
World of Motion and Cinematic Visuals with After Effects This video demonstrates the creation of cinematic visual effects and engaging motion graphics element by the help of artificial intelligence using After Effects. This is an application, which can be used by graphics designers or video professionals. After Effects is majorly used for designing animation in 2D and 3D view. The dynamic text animation has been created by using powerful typography tools, and the effects have been applied by using different adjustment and tinting ...
Smart Age with Smart Security
Also known as electronic locks, Smart lock systems, are the latest innovation doing rounds in the world of technology since last few years. A smart lock is a better technique to spare an individual the unnecessary hassle of looking around for keys in pocket or bag. The advanced lock system has made it easy to synchronize a smart lock and smartphone by adding security and convenience. This Instructable is for Access Control System based on Raspberry Pi that uses an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) tag reader system for all...
Smart Bulb? – Here comes ‘ilumi’, the World’s Smartest Light Bulb
ilumi is the world’s smartest light. It is a simple, smart and bright piece of technology. ilumi comes in-built with smart features like Bluetooth connectivity, a brain of its own to remember your favorite settings and schedule anytime, HyperLux LED and it is energy efficient. ilumi is easy  to use because it needs few seconds to set up, you can personalize your light effects and it is completely in your own control. ilumi- The Smart Bulb for everyone. When are you getting one?
The Smart Home management System, IRIS
How does the idea of making your house communicate with you sound? Pretty amazing right? We present you the IRIS home management system. It is convenient, cheap and gives you piece of mind. Now forget about the safety of your house and your loved ones. IRIS will do it all for you. It is a home security system that keeps an eye on all the activities that happen in and around the house even when you are not physically present. It is easily controllable and absolutely simple to install; simply plug the Iris Hub into your broadband route...
Make your bed talk to you with LUNA\
We know how important sleep can be for any individual and therefore we bring to you the smart bed cover, LUNA. LUNA knows exactly how to make your sleep experience wonderful and relaxing. It functions by keeping a record of the user’s sleep patterns, heart rate and breath rate, making the sleeping experience completely suitable for the individual’s needs. What’s best about LUNA is that it not only complies well with one individual’s body temperature needs, but also allows the individual’s partner to define their own temperature ...
The world’s most advanced tracker, UP3 by Jawbone\
How well did you sleep last night and how much of that sleep will really help you throughout the day? You obviously do not have an answer to this question. Try UP3 by Jawbone. It tells you exactly what to do next to keep your heart and body functioning in a healthy fashion. UP3 automatically identifies your body’s exercise requirements and notifies you on whether your daily run is enough for your body’s healthy metabolism or otherwise. Worried about your heart’s wellbeing, advanced sleep patterns and workout knowledge? Stop worr...
Click more and better with Olloclip 3-in-1 macro lens\
Now click superior quality images with your iPhone or iPod where ever you go. The 3-quick change lens is designed to take sharp, up close images with your iPhone. It can easily fit onto your phone, allowing you to focus on tiny objects and create the best shots. The multi element lens is really powerful in capturing the right focused area, making it absolutely easy to use the macro photosystem. So what are you waiting for? Order the olloclip 3-in-1 macro lens today and enjoy an endless journey of beautiful photographing.    ...
Meet the brawny new Oppo R5\
Here’s presenting you the slimmest and the sturdiest phone ever, the Oppo R5. Thrash it against a watermelon or lay it under a truck, it can bear it all without getting a single scratch. The Oppo R5 has a 5.50 inch screen with 1080x1920 display. It also has a 1.5 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM and a 13 megapixel camera that has a great performance. This phone is affordable unlike other costly ones in the market these days. Looks like your next phone right ?
Xbox will now take your gaming experience to a new revolutionary level by streaming Xbox one games to windows 10. With Xbox on Windows 10, you'll have more people to join and play, wherever you go. Enjoy gaming with friends by recording and sharing with the cross device multi-player feature. Xbox Live is incorporated with Windows 10, providing you access to the best gaming group on the planet, regardless of where you are. So take your gaming further with the new Xbox on Windows 10 feature.
Now combine the digital world with your real one through the Microsoft Hololens\
Microsoft imagined a world where innovation along with technology can be personalized by making the digital world adapt to the common ways we human beings live by. Welcome to the world of hololens where 3-D high-definition holograms incorporate with your daily routine to improve every activity you do. Hololens goes beyond the screen and blends so well with your surroundings that you can be at ease all the time. So take a step forward to the future of computing through the new Microsoft Hololens.