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Our little take on the Apple Watch\
The fancy new apple watch is slowly becoming the next talk of the town. It comes in various designs, from Black Classic Buckle to the fashionable Milanese Loop. Moreover, the watch’s case is made from solid 18- carat gold instead of being simply gold-pated. This new apple watch is sure to become the cult before everyone knows of it.
Don’t just wear a watch. Track yourself with the Withings Activite pop watch\
This stylish watch does not just tell you the time. There’s a lot more than meets the eye. The Withings Activite pop watch gives you statistics about your steps, sleep and weight. It also tracks your steps, swim strokes and laps. The silent alarm is another added feature which gives us a clear idea that the developers of this unique watch have given remarkable attention to its design and special features to make it stand out from the rest of the watches in store.
This beautiful laptop is sure to grab your attention with its amazing slim design and advanced features. The 12.88 mm thin Lenovo yoga notebook is the world’s thinnest convertible laptop, weighing only 1.19 kg. The keyboard is smooth, with a superb finishing and an outstanding design. If you are someone who has a thing for hybrid laptops, this laptop-cum-tablet notebook is just the product for you.  
This ground breaking and innovative smart phone is the next big thing because it contains the smart edge screen along with the usual main screen. The smart edge screen is so advanced that it can be configured to stay awake at night while the main screen stays shut. The display along with its slim and beautiful design grows on its admirers. So what are you waiting for? Grab this sexy slim looking smart phone and go out to flaunt it like a pro.