Remember the Luxo Jr. from the Pixar? The way they link emotions to a desk lamp is amazing. You so want to own a robotic sidekick who can understand you, don’t you? The robots with soul, as the speaker, Guy Hoffman refers ‘em, are more of a friend than some “ROBOTIC” robots.

And as you can see, the Luxo Jr. now officially exists in real life! Helping you find your stuff eh? The lamp here shows care and grace just through motion, which quite displays emotion. It is really astounding how the same mechanical structure can seem caring and gentle by the way it moves and can also seem violent and argumentative at times. It’s surprising how attached we can get to something simply because of the way it moves. It reminds us of the Gyro Gearloose’s Little Helper!

Real Life Luxo Jr – Robots with Soul

You can do all the artistic stuff with these robots, may it be mirroring actions, as actors do, or composing music as a pro music director. These robots with soul can be your music buddy as they not only compose but also enjoy the music with you. Oh and don’t forget the rapping part, robot be like “Look at me when I’m doing my thing! Okay?” and the rapper ought to respond to it.

The way that speaker robot grooves as he appreciates your taste in music is so miraculous!

There is no second thought that robots are going to be a part of our life anytime soon, so it would be far better to have robots with soul, who can fit in our daily lives seamlessly, and do not behave as some “ALIEN” object. They should be allowed to react and to disagree with you at times. After all, we are humans, and imperfections are our best assets, so the robots who will be our mate should also be allowed to be somewhat imperfect instead of being flawless.