World of Motion and Cinematic Visuals with After Effects

This video demonstrates the creation of cinematic visual effects and engaging motion graphics element by the help of artificial intelligence using After Effects. This is an application, which can be used by graphics designers or video professionals.

After Effects is majorly used for designing animation in 2D and 3D view. The dynamic text animation has been created by using powerful typography tools, and the effects have been applied by using different adjustment and tinting methods.

The effect of separating objects from their native background is done by using the technology of Rotoscoping, and the camera corrections are done by using features of edge-cutting stabilization.

We can witness various 3D animated layers, flash professionals for making collaborated sequences of web animations, and Premiere Pro feature with copy and paste support. The compositing environment and sophisticated animation with numerous tools and effects used by Artificial Intelligence provide the output, which resembles holographic 3D effect.

The After Effects arrives with Full HD resolution with picture perfect quality, the resolution is compatible with PAL, NTSC, and HD, extensive support of plug-in along with wide range of the third party pre-render version available with particle systems, for instance, fire, rain, etc.

3D effects are rendered with or without plug-ins provided by third party sources, but few 3D plug-in utilizes primary 2D layers harnessed from After Effects.

Apart from three-dimensional effects, along with artificial intelligence, the plug-ins can make videos look like cartoons and film, for example, simulating fire, workflow improvements and visual effects, smoke, adding high-end colour correction, water, translating timelines from FCP or Avid, particle systems, rigging lines, slow motion, noise, creating animated charts, eliminating flicker, graphs, calculating the 3D movement of a camera in a 2D video shot, and data visualization.