Artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining popularity in the field of technology. Due to this, innovators of all kinds of gadgets are trying to inherit it in their technology in some form or the other. But it’s been a while since one has witnessed a breakthrough in the technology of musical gadgets. Therefore, the idea of headphones equipped with artificial intelligence is quite appealing. The Vinci smart headphones are the latest unique headphones which are available for pre-order at an affordable price.

Vinci Smart Headphones

Vinci smart headphones are a smart device which is capable of being voice-controlled and is supported with cloud technology. One does not need to attach a smartphone to it. The user can select the songs through voice control. This is more convenient than manually swiping through the playlist on the smartphone. This hands-free device does not only cater to musical needs but is termed as a device which functions as efficiently as a computer.

Vinci Smart Headphones With In-Built AI

Like other voice-controlled features in a smartphone, the Vinci smart headphones also work in a similar manner. All one has to do is say “Hey Vinci” to the device, and it will immediately recognize the user’s voice. On the basis of the personal data stored in the headphones, the software will adhere to the user’s instructions. Because of this feature, these headphones are extremely convenient to use on the go; be it jogging, commuting, or even working. It can not only play music, but give directions, be an activity tracker, and also read back text messages when connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G network. The company producing this device claims that over time, the headphones will be able to guess the needs of the user with the help of artificial technology.

Vinci Smart Headphones Features

To set up this device, the user has to touch and hold the touch screen on the headphones and the software will instantly recognize the user’s voice for better assistance. Not only this, but the Vinci smart headphones sense its user’s body vitals, preferences, listening habits, and activities. According to this information, the device makes intelligent as well as real-time recommendations. On using the headphones for some time, the software will save the user’s musical preferences according to his body condition. Due to this, the user doesn’t need to choose songs himself. With reference to the body’s activity data, the device suggests songs to match the heart rate, pace, and listening preferences of the user.

The best feature of the Vinci smart headphones is the Smart Noise Cancellation feature. In this feature, the device filters out unwanted noises from the surrounding environment to enjoy better clarity of music. The complimentary feature with this is the Audio Transparency Feature. This is useful when one is jogging on the road or even commuting. This feature helps the user to listen to the important background noises like a car horn in order to ensure his safety.

Apart from these, the headphones include a proximity sensor, gyrometer, accelerometer, GPS, optical heart rate sensor, and compass. It has a built in storage of 32GB. The device also has an impressive battery life which is chargeable through a wireless charger. The Vinci smart headphones are available for pre-order on the crowd funding website Kickstarter for $99. Its retail price is $199.