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Oculus VR

I’m in love with my VR headset, I really am. I pre-booked my Oculus VR as soon as it was available and recently it got delivered to me. To say I’ve been overwhelmed since would be a matter of understatement. I absolutely enjoy spending my free hours with this gadget indulging into the virtual world. The gaming experience is fantastic. Everything has been fine until I started experiencing motion sickness. Sometimes, even when I’m not using VR, I feel dizzy out of the blues. Is it just me, or everyone experiences the same? Or am I overusing the Virtual Reality? What am I supposed to do? Are we actually capable of coping up with VR technology? I mean, our mind and body, can they handle the intense virtual surrounding repeatedly?

Please help me out.

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Motion sickness, perhaps, is one of the biggest challenges for VR. The use of Virtual Reality can cause disorientation in users. Although, VR biggies are trying to solve the issue on the first hand, so far they haven’t been successful in the initiative. Consistent use of this VR technology can cause some serious health warnings. Recently, The Wall Street Journal pointed out a few. Users can experience headaches, eye strain, and nausea. The headgear makers strongly recommend children to stay away from the technology. You should probably stop continuous use even if you happen to enjoy it very much. Such technologies are good for use for once in a while, but prolonged usage can lead to health complications. Take watching TV or a 3D movie, for instance. You cannot go on watching TV for the entire day and same happens in the case of 3D cinema. In both the cases, excess usage can increase strain on your eyes causing serious eye problems. The issue with VR is also the same. Prolonged usage of the technology can cause some serious issues to your mind and body.

The answer to your question is, No. VR is still not advanced enough to cope with the body and mind of humans. Consistent use can turn into issues similar to what you’re facing. In fact, Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR urge adult slot to take a minimum 10-minute break per half-hour of use. They even warn you against operating machinery, driving, or riding a bike if you feel odd after a VR session. The human brain is highly neuroplastic and undoubtedly, near-sight systems of stereoscopic 3D have full potential to develop neurologic change.

Surely the concept of VR has been doing rounds for a long while now, but our human bodies will take some time to adjust to the new surroundings. Virtual Reality is an alien on an unknown planet (human body). So, yes, stop overusing the Oculus VR. Once in a day for an hour or two should be fine, but as the makers suggest, breaks are a must.

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