Tickr heart rate monitor is unarguably one of the best fitness devices to have when durability and accuracy are in high demand. This Wahoo Tickr review has a wider perspective of heart rate monitors narrowed down to efficacy, portability, and flexibility of the heart rate monitor.

Accuracy is a major factor in all fitness tracking devices, and varied measures to achieving it have been utilized by fitness device makers. From the invention of sensors with more sophisticated working principles to the adoption of strap locations; preferable closer to the heart.

Wahoo Tickr Review

There are several arguments that chest strapped heart rate monitors provide the most accurate results. But who would go to bed with chest straps on? Considering the kind of service (24/7) required from heart rate monitors, wrist and arm-based devices are the most comfortable and most have proven to be very efficient, including the Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor.

Wahoo Tickr Fit

The Tickr fit is a smart choice for fitness training sessions that do not involve swimming due to its 5 feet waterproof rating. Certainly, not only this Tickr review would take this position. It’s an armband heart rate monitor that delivers accurate heart rate and calorie burn data using the optical heart rate technology. Tickr heart rate monitor is specially designed for grueling workouts such as cycling, running, fitness classes, and a lot more. The device provides seamless pairing with smartphones, smartwatches, fitness apps and GPS bike computers through its Bluetooth and advanced ANT+ technology. With its 5feet waterproof, Tickr fit can withstand rainfall, sweat from workouts and water splashes – not a device for swimming.

Wahoo Fit Tickr Review

The heart rate monitor is specially designed for grueling workouts such as cycling, running, fitness classes, and a lot more.

Wahoo Tickr Fit Design

Tickr heart rate monitor is supplied with two different straps; small and large which are important in holding the device to the arm for measurements. It has three green LED sensor array at the back. We were not able to determine any deficiency from having same LED color. Experts say the best is to mix the light colors. The front has an LED with multiple colors to indicate service status and when the device is turned on and a blue power button by the side. When supplied, in the box are the Tickr Fit unit, large arm strap, small arm strap and the battery charger.

Tickr Fit Specifications

  • Strap sizes: 15 x 1 inches (large) and 10 x 1 inches (small)
  • Battery life: 30 hours (rechargeable)
  • Water rating: IPX7
  • Power button: Yes
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+

Using the Wahoo Tickr fit heart rate monitor

The only precaution in wearing the Wahoo Tickr Fit is not covering the sensor array. The device can be worn anytime and wherever desired. Making the straps a little tight is important for good reading. Don’t make it too tight to make yourself uncomfortable.

When the device is ready on you, press and hold the blue (power) button for 3 seconds, the multi-coloured LED will flash a blue light to indicate that the device has been turned on and the light becomes solid quickly when it detects pulses.