You don’t have to spend a zillion bucks to go to a graduate school when you can learn programming for free online using these reliable websites.  

Computer programming is one of the most popular and sought after fields of work today. Often organizations businesses look for professionals in this field to handle a multitude of computer and IT-related tasks. However, regular computer programming courses are too high priced. In such a situation, interested people can use the sites listed in this article to learn programming for free online. All you need is to efficiently take the course and then apply for an apt computer programming job!

Learn programming for free online

Without further ado, here is a curated list of uber-useful sites which you can use to learn programming for free.

MIT OpenCourseWare

This site offers complete computer courses that are available online for free, and one can take them as per their convenience and pace. The courses include video lectures and detailed information about the subjects and theories associated with it. This online educational institute has garnered a positive reputation for the best classes and the comprehensive study material it provides its students. The introductory session of computer programming is split into General Introductions, Language-Specific Courses, and Follow-Up Courses efficient for the beginners.


This site provides free college-level computer programming courses. The courses which are facilitated by MIT and Harvard University are free and self-paced suitable for the student. The subjects cover a vast range of topics in the field of computer programming, Engineering as well as Business & Management. There are also Certificate Programs in the site which are curriculum specific and gives the students mastery over a particular area like Front-End Web Development or Data Science


Backed by the famous Stanford University and venture capitalists, this site associates with different universities and organizations to bring the best of courses for the students. The site focuses on a myriad of specializations, like courses developed to enhance the skills in a particular topic. The classes are self-paced, though not all of them are free.


The site is best for its video courses for learning programming languages for free. The video courses in this site are mostly restricted to language syntax and are an excellent feed for beginner learners. There are courses available on four computer programming languages (C++, C#, Java, and SQL) and six web programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, and XML).


This online course platform offers researched-based courses on topics related to the field of programming, data science as well as engineering. The prime aim of Udacity is to prepare students for occupational success in the technology field. There are several Nanodegree Programs, which are short and compact curriculums apt for making a person job-ready with skills and vocational capabilities. The Nanodegrees costs between $100- $500.

Learn Programming for Free



This educational site is a course marketplace where users can create and sell their courses for others. The website allows people to share their knowledge without an educational degree. You can learn programming for free from the courses featured on Udemy which cover a diversity of topics like Python-based data crunching, ethical hacking, Java fundamentals as well as amateur level web development.

Free Code Camp or Odin Project

If a person wishes to become an expert web developer, then they should check Free Code Camp or Odin Project! The Free Code Camp teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as React, and the Odin Project teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails. These are free programming courses and are apt even for beginner level learning.


This is an interactive online course site that has a handful of computer programming languages and frameworks. The courses here are gamified, and a stepwise process is detailed, which guides the students from the beginning to the end. Codecademy is perfect for the students who have prior coding experience and is looking forward to learning a new syntax language.


This site has over 6,000 diverse online courses covering the fields of Animation, CAD, IT, Marketing, and Photography. With more than 670 courses, the Computer Programming category comprises the maximum course content in Lynda’s directory. The topics of Lynda range from Foundational Programming Concepts, Database Management, Game Development, Mobile Development, Web Development, and comprehensive courses for individual programming languages.