Whether you’re an intern who just started at a swanky startup or a parent hoping to make a loving video for your child’s tenth birthday, knowing the best video editing apps on the market can help you out when you most need it. Many blame Instagram for spurring the popularity of videos over photography but regardless of whose fault it is, you have to admit that well-made videos are almost a form of currency today. Put out an unsynced video or choose the wrong clip of Bali and you could have your entire reputation come crashing down on you in a heartbeat. 

This is why we’re compiling a list of some of the top video editing apps on the market today so you never have to compromise on your social media popularity. Need a free video editing software that can work in a pinch? We’ve got you covered there too. 

Top video editing apps

Best Video Editing Apps to Explore in 2024

Even if you haven’t chosen to go down the career path of a social media influencer, there is still some fun to be had in getting your own vacation posts right. If you’re “anti-social media” and still find occasions at work where editing a video yourself could help things along more quickly, consider picking from the best video editing apps can be a better bargain than struggling with the first tool that you come across. Whatever your reasons for locating this list, here are some of the top video editing apps on the market right now.

CapCut—Best Free Video Editing Software

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Web
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Paid Plan: $74.99 USD annual subscription or $7.99/month 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy video editing tool without all the additional bells and whistles a professional editor might require, then CapCut is your answer. One of the most popular video editing apps for social media, this video editing tool has been the go-to for many who want to create flawless recaps of an event or showcase their outfits and tech reviews on Instagram without a hassle. The app has a simple interface and after playing around with the controls once or twice, you should be able to navigate it quite easily. It has useful tools like a background remover and a variety of innovative filters, paired with some AI options if you want to try.

If you want a free video editing software then CapCut is right for you. Even if you prefer getting the job done on your phone rather than importing all the clips to your laptop, then this is still one of the best mobile video editing apps available out there. The main downside to this is that it only works well in portrait orientation so if you want landscape videos, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

The loading quality is also a little iffy at times and if you want to edit longer videos that aren’t necessarily meant for social media, then you’ll be better off picking a different app to do the job. If you need advanced color grading or higher frame rates than 60 FPS, then we have some other recommendations for video editing software for designers. 

Free video editing software

Splice—Best Mobile Video Editing Apps

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, desktop
  • Free Plan: Free 14-day trial
  • Paid Plan: Creator plan starts at $19.99 USD per month

It can get quite cluttered when you try to edit videos on your smartphone considering the limited screen space. Despite that, if you still want to work quickly on your phone and have the video edited as quickly as possible, then Splice is one of the best mobile video editing apps available. This powerful editing tool has free tutorials on how to use the app and can help you when you’re out and about and can’t wait to get home to have the video uploaded. If you’re on a job site and need a promotional video edited and uploaded to the Instagram page, then an app like Splice is convenient to have on your phone. 

With an easy-to-understand interface, Splice supports HDR output so you don’t have to limit the quality of your video. Adding texts and overlays is also quite easy with this tool and its database of soundtracks also gives you the opportunity to pick something that fits the mood of your video. Adding transitions and removing backgrounds is something you’ll pick up quickly with this tool, all of which makes it one of the best mobile editing apps available right now.

Users have complained about the syncing capabilities of this app and others have complained about frequent crashing issues but this is something we’ve seen with all apps from time to time. Reviewers have also suggested that there could be possible copyright issues with audio sounds available in-app but Splice specifically reports that its sounds are royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes so if an issue does come up, you could hold the company accountable for it. 

Video editing software for designers

Adobe Premiere Rush—Video Editing Software for Designers

  • Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, iPad
  • Free Plan: Requires a free Adobe ID or Creative Cloud membership
  • Paid Plan:  $10/month or $100/year

Here’s a name you probably expected to see on this list, Adobe has a world-class collection of editing software that leaps beyond what you find online. If you’re really serious about video editing and want to build a cross-platform familiarity with an app you can use on any device, then Adobe Premiere Rush is your best bet. The range of features gives you control over the most intricate details of your video and you have access to the Creative Cloud to sync up your work easily. Of course, it can help with your video for social media as well but if you want a diverse portfolio of content then this app is best suited for your needs. 

Adobe’s products see regular updates to its features and tools like Pan, Zoom, and Auto Reframe are available on all their platforms. The presets on this app can provide the best quality coloring to your videos and the company’s own updated guide on tips you can use to edit your videos gives you a constant stream of ideas on how you can improve your familiarity with the service. 

There are some limitations to this tool as well. CNN’s review of Adobe Premium Rush reported struggles to import content from Dropbox and stated that the app doesn’t support imports from Google Photos and other libraries. For a top-tier video editing service, that’s quite a limitation. 

Best mobile video editing apps

Filmora—Best Video Editing App For Beginners

  • Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, macOS
  • Free Plan: 7-day free trial and watermarked files on the free trial version
  • Paid Plan: $19.99/month for the monthly plan; $79.99 for the perpetual plan; $49.99/yr for the annual plan

Filmora is an app that makes video editing fun. It has enough features for those who want to get some real editing done, but what makes the app stand out is its ability to “Make This Video Cooler” by providing recommendations on how you can improve the video you are editing. It has a variety of AI features that you can try out and fun stickers that can add to the joy of editing. Its AI music generator and text-based editing feature can simplify the editing process for beginners who don’t have the technical prowess to adjust all the controls themselves. 

The app is easy to navigate and has many ready-to-go templates that you can use to create professional-quality videos with ease. The text titles and effects are some of the most gorgeous ones we’ve seen so as you move from being a beginner to an expert, you should be able to keep using the app without having to switch to something more professional later in the game. Their YouTube tutorials and Master Classes on video editing are exactly the kind of resources you can dip into throughout your editing journey. 

If you want to try out Filmora for free, there is a free trial version available for seven days but they also add a watermark to all exported files during this period, which is an unpleasant move by the company. If you want to experience the full host of features, you may just benefit from trying the app out for a month and canceling your subscription if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Pinnacle Studio—Top Video Editing App Overall

  • Platforms: Windows
  • Free Plan: 15-day trial plan
  • Paid Plan: $44.99 for the Standard plan; $89.99 for the Ultimate plan; $119.99 for the Ultimate Bundle 

As a beginner on the gangplank towards becoming a professional in video editing, you might find the Pinnacle Studio app suited to your needs. If you have a Windows PC that runs Windows 10 or 11, you should be set to test out this app and see if it’s right for you. The app has a lot of different import options, even allowing you to capture video content from your webcam and screen shares and integrate it into your content. Its Project Bins allow you to segregate your different edits and all their related content neatly so you can always come back to something you started a while ago. 

The different levels of their paid plans bring a different set of features. The standard plan allows for simplified color grading and audio editing while the Ultimate bundle has the full range of features. Premium features such as motion tracking, blend modes, and video masking are reserved for the Ultimate plan as well. Features like keyframe controls, 360 video editing, smart object tracking, etc. are some of the best you’ll see in video editing with the Ultimate plan. 

The layout and shortcuts are easily customizable so if you have a system that you’re already familiar with, you can set these details accordingly to suit your preferences. There is no macOS integration with Pinnacle Studio so that’s one limitation of this particular tool. It’s primarily meant for Windows users who want to use their powerful PCs for video editing, so it does leave a big chunk of users behind. 

These are some of the best video editing apps you can find right now and it’s up to you to balance out their value against their price to determine whether they are worthwhile investments for you. If you want a hands-on experience, you could record a few clips and try out the free version of these apps to determine which one gives you the best results. So maybe it’s time to get recording and go get editing!