The Corpus Board of Directors is in shambles. Infighting has ground its System-spanning operation to a screeching halt. Eager to fill the power vacuum himself, Nef Anyo has initiated The Deadlock Protocol.

Digital Extremes has finally released the eagerly awaited Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol update with exciting new missions and enemies, a new Warframe, and the Corpus remaster they’ve been teasing.

At the heart of the update is a complete redesign of the game’s oldest environment, the Corpus Ship tileset. With the new Deadlock Protocol update comes an interesting plotline involving a newly discovered heir to the Corpus Founder.

Warframe Deadlock Protocol

Warframe Deadlock Protocol Update 2

The latest Deadlock Protocol update allows players to employ the game’s aggressive movement system, the new tileset comes with a reworked Jakal Boss Fight, and a completely new currency called Granum Crowns. The Granum Crowns reward will have an impact on gameplay. Players will also get the ability to transport to a new Corpus nether-realm.

Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol Update

Update on Deadlock Protocol will allow players to complete a new quest to get their hands on Protea, and her grenades, laser turrets and drones. And finally, players will get an opportunity to investigate her origin story as the former Corpus head bodyguard in her own standalone Quest, and explore advances weaponry including the Rhopton Syandana, Mavv Helmet, Velox Submachine Gun, Telema Helmet, as well as 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.

Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol Update

There are plenty of other updates, including new skins, bundles and more that can be found on the Warframe site.

Deadlock Protocol Rewards:

  • Protea Parts
  • Weapon Parts: Stropha – Stahlta – Velox
  • Garnum Crown Decorations
  • Mortuus Shoulder Guard
  • New Captura Scenes that feature the newly Remastered Corpus Ship: Corpus Ship Bridge Scene – Corpus Ship Hangar Scene – Corpus Ship Orbital Cannon Scene
  • Credit Caches
  • Void Traces
  • Endo

Warframe’s The Deadlock Protocol releases today on PC and will be taking a couple of weeks to arrive to Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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