The Warframe’s expansion is going on, and this time it has released the new hellish open-world area as part of the Heart of Deimos game update. The new update was launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Heart of Deimos’ new quest line unfolds in the “grotesquely beautiful” Cambion Drift, which is Warframe’s third open-world area. This succeeds Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis, which can be played by initially completing Mars Junction on the in-game Star Chart.

Once that path opens up, players can take the task of stemming the spreading Infestation, which is threatening to engulf the new open-world. It is a game target that requires players to work with Mother and her servants Loid and Otak.

Warframe Heart of Deimos

The game also brings new avenues along the path (accessible through the Orbiter’s Helminth), and bounties to complete, new attractive resources and treasures to collect, and targets to conserve wildlife for players. All these new avenues are at the behest of the Entrati, named the ancient Orokin integrated into the spreading Infestation. To enable travelers to move from unsettling terrain of Cambion Drift, Warframe has introduced robust, customizable Necramechs, an Infested K-Drives known as Velocipods, which has excellent shooting abilities.

Warframe Heart of Deimos game update Xbox

The Heart of Deimos’ new quest line unfolds in the “grotesquely beautiful” Cambion Drift, which is Warframe’s third open-world area.

The Heart of Deimos update brings in a new community Warframe, Xaku, the tameable infested companions, and an overhauled new experience for players. The new community features a new opening cinematic and starting area. Experienced players can dive deep into their adventure and check out the New Player Experience by visiting the Codex and choosing the Awakening. Players can also earn a considerably more thorough breakdown of different features like the Warframe’s Heart of Deimos update in the latest developer Digital Extremes blog. The Heart of Deimos game is available for play in Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and is due for launch on Switch later this week after it qualifies the Nintendo’s certification process.

About Warframe Heart of Deimos

Warframe is an action role-playing multiplayer online game that is developed and published by Digital Extremes. It was launched for Windows in March 2013 and was ported for PlayStation 4 in November 2013, Xbox One gamer in September 2014, and the Nintendo Switch portal in November 2018. The game is in open beta version game. In the game, players control members of the Tenno race. Tenno race comprises ancient warriors who wake up from centuries of suspended animation far into the Earth’s future to find themselves being at war in the planetary system with various planetary factions.

The Tenno, with their powered Warframes and weapons and abilities, complete missions. Though most of the game’s levels and missions are procedurally-generated, there are newer updates that are included in a massive open world. The game includes activities like shooting and melee games, parkour, and role-playing to give players a diverse choice of game and allow them to advance their Tenno with advanced gear. The game includes both players versus environment and player versus player fundamentals. The game is backed by transactions, allowing players to purchase in-game items with real money, though there is also an option to earn them at no cost policy through grinding.

The concepts for Warframe originated in 2000 when Digital Extremes started to work on a new game named Dark Sector. The growth of Warframe game was slow initially, mostly hindered by poor critical reviews and low player count. However, post its release, the game has garnered tremendous positive growth. It is currently one of Digital Extremes’ most successful titles, witnessed around 50 million players in the year 2019.