Swish and Whoosh…! When I was 8, all I wanted was Harry Potter’s wand, or any wand for that matter. I would pretend to be a wizard, and cast spells on my kitty (If only!). Turns out, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos wants to bring a magic wand into the real world so you can cast as many spells as you want without having to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. As a part of an expansion into the line-up of Alexa-enabled devices, the e-commerce giant released an updated Dash Wand for users. The new Dash Wand by Amazon is practically magic. This is an Alexa-enabled wand that assists you in household essentials andgrocery shopping.

Design of the Dash Wand

amazon's new dash wand for alexa

Picture Credits- Amazon

This device is around 14 centimeters (cms) long and has a black and white plastic body. It is Wi-Fi enabled and magnetic, so you can easily put it up on your fridge. Not just this, it helps you scan various barcodes, order grocery and household essentials, convert measurements, all such activities by simply voice commands. Moreover, it lets you search for recipes and eat-outs or restaurants without having to use your hands.

Older Dash Generation

The dash devices released back in 2014 also helped in scanning barcodes as well as add products to the shopping cart using voice controls. But those devices had a minor problem. Orders made using this device were forced to be checked out through Amazon’s site only. Also, they did not have any Alexa access.

New Dash Wand

amazon dash wand for alexa

Picture Credits- Amazon

The new version of the Dash Wand allows you to directly buy items of household and grocery. Amazon’s new dash wand has a durable design and it is also water resistant. You can either scan a barcode or say what you want. For example you can just say ‘tissues’ if you want to order tissues. Just scan a barcode or say it out loud and it gets added in your shopping cart.

new dash wand for amazon alexa

Picture Credits- Amazon

Well, you can also re-order your previous purchased using the new Dash Wand by Amazon. You will only need a good Wi-Fi and your smartphone to set-up this device and integrate it with your Amazon Alexa.

Prime Users Enjoy Free Dash Wand

dash wand

Picture Credits- Amazon

The new dash device is priced at $20. But for all the Amazon Prime subscribers of the United States, there is a lucrative offer. Amazon is offering a $20 cashback in the account to all the Prime subscribers who buy one. This way, for all the Prime members, Dash Wand is practically free.

Furthermore, they can also use the cashback to purchase essentials and groceries with the help of Amazon’s new wand. You can also try the AmazonFresh which is free for a period of 90 days. This service is available for $14.99.