Saving money isn’t as easy a task as it sounds. It takes much effort, discipline and rigorous planning to save a penny from finances in a day, leave alone a month. This doesn’t mean you don’t try. There are tons of money saving apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, and each comes with its own features to help you save every penny.

Money saving apps to help you increase your savings

It’s always a joy to see your bank balance grow as you start saving money. But the journey isn’t so smooth. With the below-mentioned money saving apps, you’ll not only learn how to save your hard-earned money but also increase your savings in no time.


This is a perfect app for people who are on a tight budget. The app analyzes the monthly income and spending habits and accordingly calculates how the person can save each day. After that, you can transfer the can be saved funds from your linked account to the FDIC-insured Joy savings account and save away. One can also select the amount, either more or less, than the amount specified by the app.

The app also has notifications for people who often forget to put brakes on their spending habits.

Use for: analyzing monthly income, spending habits, daily saving and transferring money

Tip Yourself

This free money saving app is compatible both for iOS and Android devices, and users can save money by transferring a certain amount of money into the digital tip jar. This is a kind of personal reward where the user can tip a dollar or two every time they do something good or positive. The same applies to personal goals achieved every day, and the person can tip and likewise save a lot of money. The app strives to imbibe savings habits in people and motivate them to be consistent about achieving their personal goals. One can also set the savings goal through the app.

Use for: money saving, transferring, tips, and setting saving goals via app

best money saving apps


Financing a car is a big thing and a future personal goal too. It requires the person to save a considerable amount of money to invest in the automobile’s purchase. However, you can make it easier with Qapital. The app reminds you why you need a car first and have your mindset on achieving it. With the app, you can set autosave rules for any financial goal. The app would remind you to save a specific amount of money when you pay for public transport or fill gas for work travel. This will help you remember the car’s investment, and you will be motivated to save for it. Once you save your funds regularly and the goal is set, you can easily withdraw the funds and purchase the dream vehicle. The Qapital app is efficient for use in both iOS and Android devices.

Use for: setting goals, autosave money, and saving amount suggestions


Save your child’s future and contribute to a prosperous life ahead for them with the Kidfund app. Not only you, but your family and friends can too support and contribute to the child’s future.

Through the app, the user can open up dedicated savings account for the child and maintain a rule to contribute money to the account as per a regular timeline. Additionally, the user can invite friends and family to follow the account and gift money for the child on a special occasion like birthdays or holidays.

Use for: open savings account, contribute and send money


This is easy to use a mobile-first bank that helps a person to save money for future goals. Create a Simple account, and set a budget fund for financial goals with a specific target date. Simple will then calculate the required budget according to the goal, and the user can periodically transfer money to the account to reach the goal at the specified target date.

The money destined for the financial goal will remain secure in the Simple account. The amount directed towards the financial goal will be deducted from the total savings to highlight how much money is safe for the user to spend.

Use for: saving money for future, setting budgets, transferring money and secure money in the app