With a mature market, decline in iOS market, and tough competition, Apple needs the upcoming iPhone 7 to be a highly appealing upgrade. We’re repeatedly subjected to a lot of iPhone 7 rumors floating around the web featuring possible iPhone 7 features and design. But, out of all the speculations, what do we really want in our upcoming iPhone?

Upcoming iPhone 7

Image: Upcoming iPhone 7 Concept

The question keeps dangling in front of us without anyone bothering to address the situation. We do not wish to have our dreams to be shattered by buying Apple product like the iPhone 6 plus, which was hardly innovative. Or, do we?

Obviously, the issue is no longer a subject of customer dissatisfaction. Instead, it has become a major issue, which company needs to address with sheer focus if it wants to bounce back from a declining phase in the smartphone economy. Apple is already a mess in China. The country used to be the second largest market for iPhone, but the last year has witnessed a tremendous decline in the sales of iPhone.

Feature in Upcoming iPhone 7

The upcoming iPhone 7 needs to be a sure shot hit if the company wishes to win back the consumers, investors, and shareholders.

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So how would that happen? While Apple Inc. is going through a declining phase of iPhone sales, Google’s Android has established a strong hold in the international market. Apple CEO Tim Cook might need more than meager efforts for the upcoming iPhone 7 to beat the heat.

We went through numerous iPhone 7 rumors on the web and opinions offered by our team of researchers and writers who have surveyed Apple aficionados several times in past. Finally, we’ve come across a strong feature, which the next in line iPhone MUST carry. Only if it wants to win back the love from all over.

Water Resistance

Puh-lease! Dear Apple, we need this, badly indeed. One of the biggest causes of damage in our iPhone is water. Water damages lead to expensive repairs, and to be frank, we’re tired of flushing those ridiculous amounts of money. We’re investing heaps for buying your iPhone. The least you could do is offer some sort of protection from water. Imagine a girl trying to click a picture of her coffee to upload on Instagram. Somehow the mug flips and the entire content covers her iPhone. Moreover, she wipes off the coffee and discovers that her iPhone is dead. Disgusting and highly annoying! Galaxy S7, your fiercest competitor (as soon as iPhone 7 is launched) is priced at lesser amount compared to what iPhone 7 might be. But still the Android-based smartphone giant offers IP68 water resistance and dust resistance. It can be used in a pool, mud, rain, or steam baths. So, why can’t you, Apple?

Well, there are many other features too, which we would love to have in the upcoming iPhone 7. You can have a look at those features in our previous article.

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