As all tech lovers would be well aware of, Apple’s biggest annual event, WWDC 2017 is on its second day now. The event has definitely kept gadget of their chair to know what next the tech giant would unveil in this meet. This is because typically, Apple prefers making such revelations at the WWDC. Be it important announcements related to business deals or updates or the launch of its latest gadgets, everything takes place at this event. At the WWDC 2017, the tech giant unveiled the all new Apple HomePod.

At this conference, Apple also launched other new products and updated softwares. One of the most significant launches at this conference was the Apple HomePod. This device is a smart speaker which is integrated with Apple’s trademark artificial intelligence software, Siri. Apart from this, the tech giant also revealed details about its latest software. It will be out available in the market by the end of this year. The company claims that it’s a powerful device which can adapt to the surrounding where it’s playing. Synced with Apple Music, it provides unending access to one of the largest music catalogs in the world.


This speaker is smarter than any other smart speaker available in the market.

Apple HomePod features

 Due to its small size and smooth edges, it looks more like a home interior accessory that a smart speaker. But don’t go by its size and looks. This speaker is smarter than any other smart speaker available in the market. Available in black and white colors, there are seven tweeters beneath it with a four-inch woofer. On top of the speaker, one would find the microphone.

Like any other Apple device, the Apple HomePod activates itself on listening to “Hey Siri”. The only drawback between Siri on an iPhone and the HomePod is that you can’t expect visual answers on the HomePod. The A8 chip inside the smart speaker conducts automatic EQ and the tweeters beamform to provide echo cancellation. The speaker first detects the shape and size of the room to adjust its performance accordingly. Apple also assures that the speaker’s data will remain encrypted for maximum security. At the price of $349, it is quite an expensive device for just a speaker. It will be available in the retail market in December.