A good game and a reliable console to experience are honestly all you need for a satisfying gaming experience but investing in some of the best gaming desks that are available can elevate even further. It might be a little early to do a round-up of the best gaming desk in 2024 but if you’re considering investing in your gaming setup this year, then getting a head start on your setup selection can’t hurt. There are many budget gaming desks that are currently available that can suit your personal needs, but if you’re looking for a premium gaming table setup, that can be arranged as well. 

Best Gaming Desks For 2024

A PC gaming setup requires quite a bit of space for it to be comfortable to operate, especially if you spend long hours sitting in one place. A comfortable gaming chair is another important consideration but if you’re looking for a list of the best gaming desk for 2024 to get your setup started there are a few things to consider in your search. Depending on how you plan to use the set up a cheap gaming desk might be sufficient if you plan on playing infrequently but still want an organized corner for your gaming needs. If your budget is a little more flexible a premium gaming desk is truly incomparable in providing the experience of gaming in style. 

Before purchasing a gaming table, you might want to consider what details you’d like to prioritize in your search. Some considerations could include an adjustable height, RGB lighting, cable management efficiency, size, metal vs. wood aesthetic, the tabletop texture, the maximum weight it can bear, etc. Let’s take a look at our recommendations for the best gaming computer desk for 2024.

Best Overall Gaming Desk: Cooler Master GD160 ARGB 

Image: Cooler Master

Best Overall Gaming Desk: Cooler Master GD160 ARGB 

Price: $899

Dimensions: 63 in x 29.5in 

Height: Adjustable (25.6in-51.2in)

Load Capacity: 220.5lbs

RGB Feature: Built-in ARGB

If you’re looking for a desk that can do it all and light up your space stylishly while it’s at it, the Cooler Master GD160 ARGB might just be the right one for you. While the best gaming table doesn’t come cheap, it also isn’t the most expensive desk on the market all things considered. Its built-in ARGB features are likely the best on the market and is most definitely a stylish and customizable investment but it does more than just light up. The reason we think the GD160 ARGB is the best gaming computer desk is because it does a little of everything. 

The large size makes it sufficiently big enough to accommodate your electronics and the desk is adjustable and can be turned into a standing desk via a digital controller if necessary as well. While the cable management system isn’t perfect, it can work well enough. The laminate finish of the desktop surface is resistant to fingerprints and while it doesn’t come with a textured finish that allows you to use your mouse directly on it too comfortably, the water-repellent mousepad it does come with is quite good at what it does. If you want to try out the device at a much lower price, you do have the option of the Cooler Master GD160 without the fancy lights and refined height adjustment, but it does somewhat take away from the charm of this particular desk. 

Best Premium Gaming Desk: Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL

Price: $998

Dimensions: 70.0in x 31.5in

Height: Adjustable (25.6in-49.2in)

Load Capacity: 265lbs

RGB Feature: Additional attachment

No one is surprised at the mention of the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL desk and you might have expected it to feature on this list even before you opened up the link. We believe the Secretlab offering is one of the most premium gaming desks not just because of its price—which is high but not the most expensive on the market—but because of how good it is at what it does, providing a sleek, luxurious feel even while being a gaming desk. Its integrated power supply column and electronic height adjustment feature make it a very futuristic gaming desk and its built-in control panel only adds to the style. 

The cable management system is the best we’ve seen so far and its modular magnetic accessories take the organization further beyond just providing a cable management tray. The RGB lighting system snaps onto the desk in the same area as the cable management tray, but it does have to be purchased additionally. Powered by the Nanoleaf, the strip snaps onto your desk and allows you to select from over 16 million colors to sync with your other Nanoleaf lighting systems. The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro XL is 18 percent larger than the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro so if you’re comfortable with a smaller desk, you can have it for $848 instead. Additional accessories for cable management, monitor arms, desk risers, smart lights, etc. are what push the final cost of the device above $1000.

Best Budget Gaming Desk: Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Z1 S RGB Light

Image: Eureka Ergonomic

Best Budget Gaming Desk: Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Table- Z1 S RGB Light 

Price: $209.99 

Dimensions: 44.88in x 25.20in x 30.75in

Height: Non-adjustable (30.75in)

Load Capacity: 500lbs

RGB Feature: 8 RGB lighting modes

If you’re looking for a compact but comfortable budget gaming desk then the Eureka offering is quite an ideal solution for you. If you want a device that can provide the RGB light experience, then the desk comes with 6 different colors and 8 lighting modes for you to choose from. The Z-shaped supports provide sufficient stability but the table is not designed for an elaborate gaming setup. The budget gaming desk frame is covered with a metallic coating finishing with a durable carbon fiber textured desktop that provides a decent tabletop to work on. The desk comes with a cup and headphone holder attachment along with a stand for your consoles, which is quite nifty as well—who doesn’t appreciate a good cup holder?

Best Standing Gaming Desk: Mojo Gamer Pro

Price: $929 onwards

Dimensions: Varying sizes (45.5in x 27in, 57.5in x 27in, 69.5in x 28.75in)

Height: Adjustable (24in x 50.25in)

Load Capacity: 300lbs

RGB Feature: Not available

The customizable Mojo Gamer Pro desk is one of the best gaming desks when it comes to the option of a standing desk. The premium gaming desk is available in four desktop color variants (Matte Lux black, Matte Lux charcoal, Carbon fiber, and Classic white) as well as two frame colors, black and gray. This allows for a desk that you can fit into any home setup in terms of style. The dimensions of the desk also vary so while a smaller desk might be a good alternative for a work-from-home setup, the wide variant of the Mojo Gamer Pro could be the best gaming computer desk for your space. 

If you choose to invest in the gaming desk bundle, you should also receive a magnetic cable tray, chain, and power bar to clean up your space quite nicely. The single monitor arm might also help you get a good start on building your gaming setup right but what we like the most among the accessories is the CPU tower hanger, which keeps the CPU off the ground but ensures your gaming space isn’t packed either. The ergonomically designed Mojo Gamer Pro is one of the best gaming tables you can find right now. 

PC-in-Desk: Lian Li DK-04F

Image: Lian Li

PC-in-Desk: Lian Li DK-04F

Price: $1,500

Dimensions: 30in x 39in

Height: Adjustable (27-46in)

Load Capacity:

RGB Feature: 3 RGB strips

Now this one is the best gaming computer desk for the most hardcore gaming enthusiast who want their gaming setup to convey just how committed they are to the craft. If you’re someone who wants to build up your PC system from scratch and customize it to suit your style then the Lian Li DK-04F might be right for you. The motherboard compatibility extends to MINI-ITX, M-ATX, ATX, E-ATX and comes with 8 expansion slots to build on. The larger DK-05F can accommodate two E-ATX-sized motherboards instead of one if you want to go even bigger. The desk height can be adjusted to suit your needs and the tempered glass top can be turned from opaque to transparent to show off the magic insides (hardware) of your desk. This gaming chassis is not designed for everyone but for those who want something extra to spend time on, this is a perfect buy. 

Best L-shaped gaming desk: SEDETA L Shaped Reversible Computer Desk

Price: $308

Dimensions: 94.5in x 19.7in

Height: 29.5in

Load Capacity:

RGB Feature: LED lights

The bigger the better when it comes to the best gaming tables and the SEDETA L-shaped reversible computer desk is one that is designed to fit into your space any way you’d like. The L-shaped desk is quite spacious and comes with a collection of accessories to make your gaming space a well-stacked one. This includes LED lights, a power outlet, a keyboard tray, a headphone hook, a storage bag, a moveable top hutch and a peg board that really ties the entire setup together. The amount of storage options is the best we’ve seen on this list. If you’re looking for a cheap gaming desk then the Sedesta option might be quite suited for your needs. 

There are quite a few other variants on the market currently that might suit your needs, from the Autonomous SmartDesk Core to the Respawn 3010. While we can’t possibly list all of the interesting devices on the market, these are our top picks for the best gaming desks in 2024.