People have been talking and writing about futuristic space- like homes for decades where everything is mechanized and robotic, and artificial intelligence controls all house tasks, but humankind is still lagging behind in these futuristic stakes. There are concept flying cars, robot housekeepers and talking assistants like Siri and Alexa, but a complete takeover of all things domestic by artificial intelligence and technology is still far.

Let us take a peep into what a future house will look like based on the technologies available and the new things that are under development in our lifetime. There is even a ticking timeline online run by a company that shows you what all tech advances one will witness in one’s lifetime. Taking a 50-year timeline, let us see what all most of us will see in our lifetime.

Energy-Efficient Dwellings

A smart home will no longer be an exception but a reality. The house structure and design may not change but they will be built with more embedded technologies. The walls and roofs will be temperature-controlled and energy-efficient.As is already happening, alternate sources of energy like solar and wind power will take houses off the utility grids, and probably all houses will be self-sufficient in their energy needs and maybe even surplus. As is happening, big machines will be a thing of the past and tech will become minimalistic. Instead of big solar panels, solar films and thin whirring blades will be harnessing power for homes and controlling and storing energy.

A virtual chef is expected to be operational in the next 5 years, who will help you cook, keep time, and carry on a conversation. There will be no need to clean up after a meal, a special laser beam will swipe up all surfaces after determining a room is empty. Trash will be emptied periodically (set on an automatic timer), and recyclable units will be in place. Greywater will be recycled and will be put to use for domestic tasks like watering plants, in the toilet, etc.

Health And Fitness Measures At Home, And Handy

Health and fitness will become easier. A smart toilet will test your kidney and digestive functions. Your gait will be recorded for fitness levels. A screen at home, either a TV, computer or a mirror, will depict the results instantly. Smart mechanized beds will determine body temperature and will be climate controlled. One will be able to make it hard or soft according to needs.

Home System

At the moment, we can control the security camera and entertainment units through our smartphones. Some years down the line, there will be a central sensor system of the house that will monitor the appliances, furniture, groceries, and even the wardrobe. Clothes will be washed and dry-cleaned to your needs, food cooked and kept warm, your pantry replenished. In all, you may just need to take a weekly or monthly supervisory look at how things are functioning.

Some Concrete Ideas Of What Our Future Will Be

3D printing will advance, and we will be able to download furniture and upload it. We will be able to print cars. Of course, flying cars and driverless ones! 3D printing is already being used to reconstruct organs and body parts.


Wearable technology: Clothes will come with sensors for temperature control, change colors and even charge gadgets.

Home Appliances: Total automation by 2030. Almost 50 percent of Internet traffic will be about the Internet of Things and connect all appliances, and gather data for better deliverables.


Education: Augmented Reality will be a part of the curriculum and teachers and students will journey through the virtual world rather than a static classroom to learn about new things


Holographic virtual assistants: Robots and holographic virtual assistants will be doing almost all domestic and clerical work at home and at the workplace. They will act as your carers, companions and domestic help.


Space travel and colonization: Interplanetary travel will take place as spacecraft and rocket systems improve. Elon Musk has already announced ambitious plans to ferry a million people to Mars by 2055. By this time, Mars will have human colonies established.

This is just a glimpse of what is possible based on the innovations, research, and inventions taking place in the technology and science labs of the world. The Jetsons cartoon, which has become a sort of a benchmark for futuristic living, is set in 2054, and it seems we will be able to achieve some of the lifestyle and gadgetry depicted there in that timeline.