When we talk of eCommerce, Amazon is undoubtedly the undisputed king. The leading digital marketplace sells over 200 million products every year in America alone, and it has consistently evolved itself into a crucial sales platform for various businesses.  Amazon now has taken the initiative to help out the tiny startups to build and prosper themselves on Amazon. It recently introduced a pioneering platform named ‘Amazon Launchpad’ which will help businesses startups showcase their innovative products to the world. Amazon Launchpad is a unique programme which highlights the cutting-edge products from startups like to millions of Amazon customers across the world.

Amazon Launchpad

Building a business and brand is hard and tough work! We often hear startups bringing a new product to customers and facing multiple challenges to sell and develop the brand. Amazon Launchpad collaborates with crowdfunding platforms, venture capitalists, and startup accelerators to solve the sales and distribution problems of these startups. Amazon Launchpad supports the young companies and businesses its global selling expertise so that the businesses are more focussed into product innovation.

Amazon Launchpad

Amazon makes it easy for startups to launch new products on the digital marketplace of Amazon and get them discovered. The market uses world-class e-commerce expertise, global infrastructure, and powerful marketing tools to help startups and entrepreneurs tell their story and deliver the products to millions of potential customers. The team at Amazon team is invested in bringing the success of the startups, allowing them to focus on innovating and growing the businesses.

Although Amazon provides an efficient marketplace for companies, the Amazon Launchpad vendors are given more specialised treatment. The Launchpad product listings are more user-friendly and allow the startups to weave all-encompassing, custom narratives surrounding their products with the help of larger images, videos, and a bigger space to write. The Launchpad vendors also enjoy more opportunities in comparison to the regular ones as they get noticed through in-house advertising and a particular widget on Amazon’s storefront landing page.

With Amazon, businesses can:

  • Launch Faster: The digital platform helps businesses get their products to the market quickly- from account setup to their first sale. Amazon has a highly defined fulfilment network that launches the brands fast and with a more significant impact.
  • Get Discovered: The size of a company doesn’t matter, Amazon is there to help a business of any size and matter. It will help to boost the companies with a wide range of marketing support and PR opportunities that would help the companies to get their products discovered.
  • Build Your Brand: The custom made Amazon Launchpad product detail pages showcase unique content which helps businesses share their stories, progress and connect with global customers.
  • Go Global: Amazon Launchpad is a global programme. When the businesses want to take their products to bigger and better marketplaces, Amazon Launchpad helps them take advantage of the world-class fulfilment, trusted customer service, and Prime delivery benefits across the world to go global.

What products are eligible for Amazon Launchpad program?

The platform requires startups to have a market-ready, consumer-facing, physical Amazon Launchpad products which they can ship immediately or within 30 days. The program is primarily considering startups that are funded or supported by Amazon’s network partners, crowdfunding platforms, venture capital firms and startup accelerators. However, if a startup which is unfunded or supported by a company that is currently outside Amazon’s network, the program will evaluate the application process of that startup on a case-by-case basis.

What are the Amazon Launchpad fees for participating in the program?

The startups that look forward to joining the Amazon Launchpad program will have to pay an applicable program participation Amazon launch fees in addition to the standard referral fee.

When a business is ready to scale Amazon Launchpad Shark Tank can leverage their presence in marketplaces across the world and help them establish international distribution, is subject to regulatory and Amazon policy compliance.