The tech industry’s affinity towards conferences began with Apple’s WWDC – dating back to 1987. The other MAMAA-famed giants have also followed suit and elicited their own tech conferences, either for releasing new products or for holding a tryst between innovative minds. Google’s Cloud Next 2023 is one such highly-anticipated event in the tech industry, that showcases futuristic ideas for technology and how it can shape our lives ahead. Through the medium of insightful keynotes, engaging sessions, and the potential rumors of advancements that the Silicon Valley tech giant can unveil at the Google Cloud Next conference, this article delves into the latest Google Cloud Next updates.

Google Cloud Next 2023: Updates, Rumors, Announcements at Google Cloud Next

The Google Cloud Next conference brings together avant-garde ideas through a global exhibition for developers, decision-makers, and simply, for anyone besotted with game-changing technologies and challenges. If you’re looking for Google Cloud Next Dates, How to register and attend Google Cloud Next 2023, Google Cloud Next announcements, and other Google Cloud Next updates, our detailed guide is the perfect place for you. 

Google Cloud Next Updates

The vibrant Google Cloud Next conference in 2019. (Image Courtesy – Google Cloud)

Google Cloud Next Updates

Apart from the Google Cloud Next which is focused on cloud technologies, since 2008, the tech behemoth has been hosting an annual developers conference called Google I/O, where product line-ups are unveiled. 

The Google Cloud Next conference will serve Google Cloud as a biennale for its latest technologies and innovations for developers, IT businesses, and professionals. As a tradition, Google’s Cloud Next 2023 will include keynote presentations, technical sessions, and the biggest opportunity for collaboration and networking. 

At this year’s Google Cloud Next conference, attendees will be able to:

  • Participate in breakout sessions, hands-on laboratories, training and demos. 
  • Gain a purview of the most recent Google innovations in the paradigm of productivity, security, data, and artificial intelligence. Also, witness Google’s roadmaps for its popular products.
  • Explore tools and devices for developing data-driven applications that can solve real-world problems.
  • Learn more about using analytics for optimizing business insights.

Google Cloud Next Dates

Having been held virtually over the last few years, the Google Cloud Next 2023 will be an in-person event. The flagship conference will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and London. The Google Cloud Next’s dates are anticipated to betide between August 29-31 in SF and between October 11-12 in London.

Google Cloud Next 2023

Memories of Google Cloud Next in 2022. (Image Courtesy – Google Cloud)

How To Register And Attend Google Cloud Next 2023

One of the most important announcements about Google Cloud Next’s conference is on how to register and attend Google Cloud Next 2023. 

Registrations have been initiated from Google Cloud Next’s official website since March 15, 2023. Some of the Google Cloud Next 2023 sessions will be available virtually as well for enthusiasts who may not be able to attend them in person. 

Google Cloud Next’s 2023 conference entails fees, which were otherwise free in 2022. The Full Conference Pass which gives access to all sessions over the three days, amounts to $1,599. The Early Bird full conference pass which cost $899, represented limited seats and has been sold out. And for the online attendees, Google Cloud Next’s conference will be soon offering a Digital Pass for permitting livestreaming, sessions on-demand, and participation in the chat. 

Announcements at Google Cloud Next 2023

As per the tech giant, Google’s Cloud Next conference is to harness an innovative space for developers to unite in learning the machinations of the latest tech, network, and collaborate with fellow creative minds. So we don’t expect Google Cloud Next’s announcements to entail any product unveils and take the limelight away from its foundation. 

“A global exhibition of inspiration, education, and innovation. It’s where developers and anyone passionate about an accessible, scalable, and socially responsible cloud, come together to share challenges, solutions, 10x ideas, and game-changing tech.”

Although, at the 2022 rendition, we had some Google Cloud Next announcements based on infrastructure expansions – insipid to the general public. Of the Google Cloud Next announcements in its 2022 event, the company revealed its development in Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Austria, and Greece. Other announcements included a timeline roadmap of Google Sheets, custom emojis in Google Chat, Meet, and Voice, and AI functionality spanning Google Cloud. 

One can expect Google Cloud Next’s announcements to include updates to online apps like Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and Docs. Other rumors surrounding the conference are that it may introduce groundbreaking machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. As a leader in AI research, Google has set the bar high for potential announcements at Google Cloud Next 2023. Attendees are expecting to know about advancements in computer vision, automated machine learning, and natural language processing. 

Google Cloud Next Conference 2023

Registrations opened in March 2023. (Image Courtesy – Google Cloud)

Furthermore, Google’s commitment to confidential open-source computing capabilities continues to be a focal point. With the hybrid and multi-cloud strategies gaining steam, Google Cloud Next’s announcements may include new partnerships and tools for simplifying the orchestration of workflows across the cloud environment and solutions to emerging security challenges. Google’s hybrid cloud platform Anthos may be the center of the discussion on how the company plans to seamlessly connect and manage resources amidst several cloud providers. 

As with its previous tech events, Google Cloud Next 2023 is going to be one of the most-happening conferences of the year. The growing emphasis on environmental responsibility has led analysts to deduce that Google may announce more initiatives for reducing the carbon footprint of its cloud infrastructure – by making smart investments in data center efficiency models, optimizing resource usage, managing to reduce waste, and renewable energy.

Attendees will even get to witness Google Cloud’s capabilities of developing customized and tailored industry-specific solutions as one glove doesn’t fit all. In sectors of healthcare, retail, and financial services, Google Cloud Next’s 2023 conference may share insights on how to drive digital transformations and meet the unique requirements of each industry. 

The session’s catalog was made available at the end of June on the Google Cloud Next website while the scheduler is slated to launch at the end of this month. Many have found the #GoogleCloudNext hashtag on Twitter’s social conversation channels for the latest updates on Google Cloud Next 2023.