Get set to impress yourself with some “excellent” throws because it’s time for the Pokémon Go 2024 April Fools event. With three months of the year done and dusted, the regularly scheduled arrival of April Fool’s Day brings a quick breather for everyone as tech companies dust off their thinking hats and bring a silly, new feature to the app for a few hours. Last year, the Pidgey Pandemonium event in Pokémon Go for April Fool’s Day marked a fun way to allow users to hunt for a shiny Pidgy as they sifted through the Pokémon outbreak to try and play the game. In 2022, Ditto spaws took over for a day, adding to the fun with their many disguises. The Pokémon Go April Fools Day event details for this year are more centered around improving your aim just a little bit by promoting nice throws to excellent ones. 

Pokemon Go event details for April Fools Day

Image: Niantic

What is the Pokémon Go 2024 April Fools Event About?

April Fools Day events in Pokémon Go and with any apps in general showcase how much fun a company is willing to have with its users. Tumblr circa 2014 went as far as to introduce a “Pro” version of the platform that you could try out for free. What did that include? A little top hat over your user icon as you scrolled through your feed. It was funny until the staff put out a notice that top-hat-equipped avatars were going to be singled out for account deletion and nervous laughter ensued. BBC’s short 1957 documentary on the family that grew spaghetti on trees was another iconic moment never to be forgotten. 

Unfortunately, April Fool’s Day celebrations are no longer as exciting but we appreciate companies taking the time out to make an event out of it anyway. The Pokémon Go 2024 April Fools event doesn’t evoke the same sense of joy these pranks used to, but if you’ve been ignoring the games for a while, now is a great time to jump back in. The Pokémon Go event details for April Fools Day include a time-limited event that upgrades your throws to excellent ones, which means easier catches every time. 

The April Fools Day event in Pokémon Go begins at 12 A.M local time on April 1, 2024, and will end at 11:59 PM. The single-day event should be enough to help you get back into your grove and fill up your Pokedex nicely. It might also be a great time to clear up your bag to make sure you have space for all the little monsters you’re going to catch through the Excellent Throw event by Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Event Details for April Fools Day

Nice throws and anything better will be considered “excellent” but that’s not the only feature of the event. You will also be able to see event-themed Field Research tasks that will center on throwing the Pokeball well. If you still haven’t been able to collect the nine variations on Spinda available in the game, the tasks will present you with a pretty good chance of adding to your collection today. Who knows, you might even find a shiny Spinda while you’re at it. It’s a great time to rejoin your local Pokémon Go community to get the latest scoop on where you can find some field research for the Spinda in your area.

The timed research tasks will also focus on throwing tasks and catching the creatures so the Pokémon Go 2024 April Fools event bonus should work well with it. The reward for completing the timed research includes “Stardust, Poké Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and three Golden Razz Berries” so you can fill up your reserves for the ongoing World of Wonders season within the game.

Excellent Throw event Pokemon Go

Image: Pexels

How Do We Feel About the April Fools Day event in Pokémon Go?

Niantic’s 2016 AR games took the world by storm immediately on release and the developers have been doing everything they can to keep players coming back. Despite the simplistic gameplay and the repetitive in-game experience, the company’s attention to simplicity, like with the Pokémon Go event details for April Fools Day, still makes for an engaging experience when you step out of your home. While every other game requires you to stay indoors to play, this is one experience you have on the go. By encouraging you to go to more Pokestops for tasks such as field research, the game motivates players to explore their environment and fill up the Pokedex—which is the game’s main attraction.

The Pokémon Go 2024 April Fools event sounds a little basic at first but it doesn’t seem directed at being exciting. The Excellent Throw event in Pokémon Go makes it easier than usual to catch a Pokémon before it has a chance to run away. This incentivises you to make more throws and use more Pokeballs and Pinap Berry to make the best of the guaranteed catches. Players who don’t mind expending a few dollars in the shop now have a reason to replenish the depleted stocks, making it a worthwhile event for Niantic. And for the player? Even if you don’t spend money in-game, the Spinda catches and increased likelihood of rewards should be a nice bonus of the day. 

We’d hoped for more goofy and fun Pokémon Go April Fools Day event details, but this will do in a pinch too.