There are a lot of new features that come with the Apple iPhone update. The new Apple iOS 15.4 update brings new emoji, improved privacy measures, and Universal Control Apple. There is also a face ID that works while you wear a mask. 

You can also use all these iOS 15.4 features on your iPad – a big thanks to the iPadOS 15.4 update. Apple released the iOS 15.4.1 update to fix minor bugs, like security issues and battery draining problems. 

This is the fourth major update since the iPhone 13’s release in September last year. These updates improved the system significantly and allowed users to enjoy the iPhone in a better way. The latest iOS update focuses on functionality and safety. It is left to see how the updates will affect end-users when it comes to security. 

Apple iOS 15.4.1

The new Apple iOS 15.4 update was released on March 14, and was available on the green iPhone 13, Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone SE as a preloaded version of the system. All other iPhones need to be updated manually in order to support the new features. 

If you’re wondering how to get iOS 15.4 features, the solution is easy:

  • You should first go to Settings and then to General
  • Select Download and Install from the Software Update menu. 
  • Since the new version is large and might be a gigabit in size, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi before starting the download.

With the recent Apple iOS releases, there is one feature that is particularly noteworthy. It is a Universal Control function. Apple’s Universal Control allows you to use Apple devices as second screens. You can move from one device to another while using only one device.

This was originally announced for macOS Monterey, but was eventually postponed. This option is now available on most Apple products, ranging from MacBooks to iMacs and iPads. You’ll be able to use shared displays and enjoy the full functionality of these devices at the same time.

Another new feature included with the latest releases is Face ID while wearing a mask. Even if you’re wearing a mask on your face, you’ll be able to unlock your phone. The angle at which you take a shot must be excellent, and the iPhone will tell you if the angle is proper when you unlock your phone. Face ID will be available on the iPhone 12 and subsequent devices. If you wear glasses, you can use it, but if you wear sunglasses, it will not work.

When discussing new features, we must also highlight a new collection of emojis. There will be 37 new emojis, all of which will be extremely entertaining and engaging. There will be new alternatives for pregnant women, as well as a lip-biting emoji, a melting face, a bird’s nest, a low battery, and many more intriguing and exciting solutions. All of these emoji options will help you communicate more effectively and will allow you to express yourself in a more quirky manner.

As you can see, the Apple iOS 15.4 improvements are really functional and will come in handy in a variety of scenarios. We are certain that the upcoming Apple updates will increase the system’s versatility and usefulness in the future.