FAANG and MAMAA-fame Google officially launched a strong re-entrant in the tablet market with the Pixel Tablet. Unveiled formally at I/O, Google’s annual developer conference in Mountain View, California, Google is geared up to pit the Pixel head-to-head against its omnipresent rival Apple’s iPad 10th Gen. The battle between Google Pixel VS Apple iPad is reckoned to be an intense one. The I/O 2023 also announced Google’s first foldable smartphone, Google Pixel Fold and its mid-ranger, Google Pixel 7a.

For nearly a decade, the tablet industry had been dominated by Samsung and Apple, with the global market size scoring $68.7 billion in 2022. Apple’s iPads reigned supreme in 2021 with over 53.2 million iPad sales. 

While both tablets have envisioned the same target audience of consumers who plump on a parsimonious lifestyle, which tablet should you choose: Pixel or iPad?

Here’s a chronicle that highlights the features of the Pixel tablet and iPad, unriddling the nonpareil between Google Pixel vs Apple iPad. 

Pixel tablet vs iPad

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Which Tablet To Choose: Google Pixel Tablet VS iPad 10th Gen

Before we tabulate the features of the iPad and Pixel tablet ahead to weigh in on your buying decision, it is noteworthy to know that Google has had an abysmal run in tablets, inversely comparable to Apple’s winning streak with the iPad lineup. 

Yet, Google Pixel Tablet’s ambition is to provide the ultimate portable bigger-screen entertainment experience at home. Powered by many built-in smart home features like the newer Tensor G2 chipset and the speaker dock, the features of the Pixel tablet are incredible, making it a strong melee to Apple’s iPad. The 10th Generation iPad was launched in the latter half of 2022 which features a radical new design with a bigger display of 10.9-inch, USB-C connectivity, 5G, swifter 14 Bionic chipset and galore.

Google Pixel Tablet VS Apple iPad Comparison Of Specs

Here are the features of the Pixel tablet and iPad:

SpecificationsGoogle Pixel TabletApple iPad (10th Gen)
Display Screen10.95-inch LED.

2,560 x 1,600 (274 PPI)

10.9-inch Liquid Retina. 

2,360 x 1,640 (264 PPI) with True Tone

Aspect Ratio16:10 (Landscape orientation)4:3 (Taller orientation)
Size10.2 x 6.7 inches9.8 x 7.1 inches
Operating SystemAndroid 13iPadOS
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G2Apple A14 Bionic 
Storage & RAM8GB RAM with 128GB or 256GB4GB RAM with 64GB or 256GB
Camera (Front)8MP wide-angle12MP Landscape ultra-wide FaceTime
Camera (Rear)8MP wide-angle12MP wide 
Battery Video streaming up to 12 hours Up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
ConnectivityUSB-C, 4-pin accessory connector, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-FiUSB-C, Smart connector, 5G/LTE, Wi-Fi & Cellular
ColorsRose, Hazel, and PorcelainSilver, Yellow, Blue, and Pink
Dock & AccessoriesCharging Speaker dock
Pricing$499 for 128GB$449 onwards for 64GB

Pixel Tablet vs iPad: Display, Aspect Ratio, and Size

Both Pixel tablet and iPad are compact and lightweight, weighing 493g and 477g respectively. Google’s Pixel is thicker and wider when used in landscape orientation (16:10), good for media VS iPad which is taller and better for productivity. With identical display sizes, the tech is powered by similar IPS LCD technology. 

The difference between the Pixel tablet and iPad is that even without a fast refresh rate display panel, Apple is renowned for customizing the animations with which the display feels smoother than 60Hz. (Google’s latest tablet Pixel is equipped with a 60Hz panel). These features of Apple iPad tip the scales in its favor in this battle.

Google Pixel vs Apple iPad

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Pixel Tablet vs iPad: Processor, Storage, and Memory 

The iPad 10th Gen is a powerhouse with its Apple A14 Bionic processor while Google’s Pixel processor is the Tensor G2 which has not yet exceeded any yardstick of performance. But, the Pixel tablet’s RAM of 8GB is twice the RAM of the iPad, which is evidentiary to give a quicker response with multiple apps open at the same time. 

The iPad’s A14 Bionic processor is adept to push more 3D graphics than Pixel’s Tensor G2 (Apple’s 36 frames per second to Google’s 25fps). 

To cite gaming, both Pixel and iPad have a huge library of applications, offering similar experiences. The iPad has been bestowed with more Pro-grade applications and utilities, which is clearly a win for media professionals. Android equivalents of this feature are limited. Performance-wise, it’s a tough battle for Google’s Pixel vs Apple’s iPad, based on the purpose it’s used for.  

Pixel Tablet vs iPad: Camera 

While the comparison between the Pixel tablet and iPad 10th Gen is vying for the industry’s attention, both the devices are equipped with cameras that are subpar against Pixel 7 and iPhone 14. One key difference between Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPad is that the latter is more ambitious with the 12MP f/2.4 ultra-wide front camera which can sustain multiple people on a video call at once.  

Features of Pixel tablet and iPad

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Pixel Tablet vs iPad: Pricing

The prime decisive factor of choosing in the battle of differences between Google’s Pixel vs Apple’s iPad is pricing. At $499, the Pixel tablet brings double the storage of the iPad to the table with 128GB. Another advantage is that the Charging Speaker dock accessory is inclusive in the $499, which is solo priced at $129. 

The tablet market has flourished under Apple iPad’s dominance and to be priced more than the $449 iPad, Google has taken a bold risk of a fairly big ask. But in the Apple iPad’s $449 for the 64GB configuration and the 256GB priced at $599, there are no accessories included such as the Apple Pencil, Folio keyboard or the case. This makes Google’s Pixel tablet the winner of this category. 

Pros And Cons Of Pixel Tablet VS iPad 10th Gen

The list of pros and cons might give you a better picture of which tablet you should choose between Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPad

Google Pixel Tablet

Pros Of Pixel TabletCons Of Pixel Tablet
Can double as a smart home hubNo Keyboard accessories are available
Charging Speaker Dock inclusiveSlow charging 
Longer battery life 
Iconic Android with Pixel features

Google’s Pixel tablet is the newest addition to the tablet market and looks like a promising gadget in the ever-dominated industry of Samsung and Apple. Pixel tablet’s pricing justifies itself as the better value for the buck with a charging dock included. It can also double up as a smart home speaker – Two birds, one stone. 

Pixel tablet vs iPad comparison

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Apple iPad 10th Generation

Pros Of iPadCons Of iPad
USB-C port with a modern designApple Pencil needs a lightning port
Bold and colorful displayHigher price in contrast to previous models
Incredible support for productivity apps64GB is inadequate

Apple’s iPad has been a success in the tablet market for quite many years, with the iPad 10th Gen its latest model, refined with a sleek design. If a keyboard is more essential to the user against ‘smart home features’, Apple’s iPad would prove to be a better option. Furthermore, Apple’s ecosystem is a cohesive garden where all sorts of Apple devices work seamlessly together. 

For a final verdict in the battle of Google’s Pixel tablet vs Apple’s iPad, there is no clear winner because necessities differ from each other. For a professional, the iPad could be the perfect fit albeit it may cost more than Google’s Pixel because of the exclusion of accessories. For a regular person wanting two devices in one, Google’s Pixel tablet would be the right match.