This is the age of being ‘smart’ and how can garages remain an exception? Whenever you buy a car and start possessing your own garage, it comes with an added burden of responsibility. At times, while trying to manage our busy schedule, we forget to close our respective garages properly. On the other hand, sometimes we close them perfectly but fail to remember if we done it or not. Hence, it triggers unnecessary stress. In order to do away with all these trouble, we have a brilliant option which we can resort to – MyQ Smart Garage Controller.

These days, there are lots of easily available alternatives when it comes to choosing your garage door accessory. But Chamberlain smart garage control is clearly something else, which stands on a different pedestal altogether thanks to the unique MyQ Smart Garage Control features. Let’s figure out what’s in store for us so far as the smart garage door controller from MyQ is concerned.

MyQ Smart Garage Control Features

MyQ Smart Garage Controller will make your garage managing an absolute cakewalk. [Image Credit: Amazon]


Smart gadgets started to make inroads into our lives over the last two decades. Come 2022, there are an array of them even in case of home appliances. Now, you can mow your lawn with a remote or smartphone-controlled grass-cutter. With the rapid advancement in the field of science and technology, we also have an absolute rarity like MyQ Smart Garage Controller. This one-of-its-kind garage door accessory, boasts of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which allows you to access your garage door remotely. It goes without saying that this very two of the host of exciting MyQ Smart Garage Control features, make it quite attractive an option and wipes away lot of stresses.

Just a Click Away

With MyQ Smart Garage Controller at your disposal, you can open and close your garage door safely – anytime, anywhere. You would be glad to know that MyQ Smart Garage Controller syncs effortlessly with your smart phone courtesy of a companion app. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility with Google Assistant, as it gels well with it thanks to the MyQ Smart Garage Control features. However, if Amazon Alexa is your close aide then there’s a sad news for you. This extremely useful smart garage door controller from MyQ doesn’t blend with her. Controlling it with the sound of your voice via Google smart home hubs and speakers, is quite possible though.

Thus, the entire experience of managing your garage becomes completely hassle-free. In addition to this, you will be notified of any activity in front of your garage door. The MyQ Smart Garage Control features also come with the added perk of granting access to up to three guests.

Unlock Safety, Park Your Tensions

The feedback of MyQ Smart Controller for garage, is quite positive. If you are checking about the MyQ Smart Garage Control availability, then there ample of options with the usual suspects being Amazon and Best Buy. The MyQ Smart Garage Control price is $30, but at the moment the MyQ Smart Garage Control offer on Amazon is simply unputdownable. Thanks to a flat $13 discount, its price comes down to just $17, making the deal an absolute bargain.