Apple is informing the customers about the Apple Studio Display repair costs even before the display is on the market. The display goes on sale on March 18, and we already know what the Apple repair costs are. 

You can add AppleCare+ to the monitor, and the prices are different, and they depend on the type of damage that is made. The company informs about the repair costs when the screen or external closure is damaged, or when other damages are made. 

The coverage of the damage is possible only if you have AppleCare+ support, and as of now, the company does not give information about the repair costs if the AppleCare+ is not included in the warranty. 

We already know what the repair costs are when screen or external enclosure damages are the problem. You will pay $99 and this is somewhat a fair price, especially if we consider the prices of the display and its components. 

Apple repair costs

When it comes to other damages that can happen on the display, the cost of the repair will be $299, and this is the price that is much higher and it could be a problem for Apple users. 

It is good to know that the repair costs are the same for the Studio Display which costs $1,599 and for the Pro Display XDR which costs $5,000. This is a disproportion and we notice that some Apple users are surprised by these costs. 

The repair of the new Studio Display will take up to five business days, and it does not depend on whether you bring the monitor to the Apple Store or not. 

When you want to obtain AppleCare+ for your new Studio Display, it will cost you $149, and you will also get another year of warranty. There is also a lower price you will pay when you need to repair the monitor in the future. All these options give Apple users a chance to get a warranty at a reasonable price and stay protected for some time. 

As we already mentioned, the new Studio Display will be in the market from March 18, and it will cost $1599. If you add different configurations, the price can go up to $2,229. At the moment, Apple offers a nano-texture glass solution that will be an additional $300. At the same time, you can choose a height-adjustable stand that will be $300. 

When it comes to connectivity, there are many solutions that Apple is introducing to the users. The Studio Display will have one Thunderbolt 3 port that will be on the back. There are also three USB-C ports and these ports will be ideal for storage, networking, and connecting peripherals. 

We can notice that the new Studio Display does not have Thunderbolt 4, which was an option on the newest Macs. However, the Thunderbolt 3 will be a port for hosts with 96W host charging. 

We have seen the ProMotion technology in iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro in recent years. But now, Apple’s adaptive refresh rate technology is not integrated into the Studio Display. We will be able to see a 60Hz refresh rate, which is the same technology that was used in the 27-inch iMac. 

As you can notice, there are huge changes when it comes to the new Studio Display, and you will have to adapt to the new generation of monitors. The repair costs are high, but you get the integrations that are very good, and the overall quality of the monitor is acceptable. We will see how the new Studio Display will behave in action when Apple releases this monitor in March 2022.