Alexa is Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant. Developed by the Amazon Lab126, it was popularized by Amazon Echo. Amazon Alexa is capable of music playback, voice interaction, creating to-do lists, setting alarms, playing audiobooks and streaming podcasts. It also provides real-time information about traffic, weather, etc. Alexa uses itself as a home automation hub to control various smart devices. Amazon Alexa uses two languages, English and German, at present. Alexa was released in November 2014 alongside Echo.

After the release of Alexa, Amazon announced ‘Alexa Fund’ in June 2015. Alexa Fund is a program that invests in companies developing voice control skills and technologies. Furthermore, Amazon also announced ‘Alexa Prize’ in 2016 to boost the technology. Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore provide an app for users of Alexa-enabled devices.

Amazon to Release new Alexa Devices

amazon alexa devices

After the announcement of ‘Alexa Prize’ in 2016, Amazon plans to launch one or more Alexa-powered devices in 2017. Reportedly, these new devices will allow people to start phone calls by voice commands.

These devices will also allow people to talk amongst each other like a phone call. It will be necessary that both the parties are accessing voice calls through Alexa-enabled devices. This feature will serve as a great intercom system for Amazon Alexa users.

According to various reports, the new hardware is in the beta testing mode at the Seattle company. Amazon may announce the launch of one or more new devices in its Amazon Alexa series officially in the coming months.

Notably, Amazon Echo and Echo Dot have been one of the most trending consumer products in the United States last year. Amazon now plans to provide reasons to consumers to use them on a regular basis.

Success of New Alexa Devices by Amazon

According to reports by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon and Google both are working towards adding voice call features to their digital assistants. But the latest reports suggest that Amazon has taken the first step in this direction.

Meanwhile, privacy is an important issue that Amazon needs to address. Reportedly, Amazon has found a way to record only the call metadata, which means the call durations or phone numbers. We are yet to gain information about this technology, but this can assure the consumers of privacy safety.  It can turn out as a promising and positive step for Amazon’s customers and Amazon Alexa users.

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos was amazed by the Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) technologies like Skype and other platforms even before the launch of Amazon Echo. With the huge success of Amazon Echo, it is significant that Jeff’s interest in this technology has only grown.

Given these points, we can say that taking the first step can prove to be a positive point in the competition with Google. Amazon Echo and Echo Dot have not disappointed us; which is why expectations from the new device/devices are on the positive front right now.