In this Microsoft Windows 11 review, we try to highlight all of the differences compared to the last version of Windows 10. There are many changes and small details that make a new version of Windows different. 

From the layout to the widgets, the new Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade brings a variety of changes that will make your experience more exciting. 

Let’s see what the main changes are. 

Windows 11 vs Windows 10

When we compare the two systems,  we come to the point when we talk about some small details that make a bigger picture. In this case, we see that Windows 11 has a significant change in design and that is what makes it different from Windows 10. There are also other changes. 

Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows 11 V/S Windows 10

Start Menu

Comparing Windows 11 to Windows 10 must start with the new design of the Start menu and Taskbar. 

Here we have the centered Start menu that is very similar to Mac computers. The interface features well-rounded corners and a clean design with pastel shades. 

The popular Start menu is now at the center, but you can always put it on the left side if you feel nostalgic about the previous versions of Windows. 

Virtual Desktop 

Better virtual desktop support is another good characteristic of Microsoft Windows 11. Now, this function is very similar to Macs, and you can easily switch the desktops for your school, gaming, or work purpose. 

Microsoft Teams 

You will be able to make more convenient video calls with your colleagues and friends thanks to the Microsoft Teams app that is added to the Windows 11 taskbar. It is now directly integrated into the taskbar, which makes it easier to access and use it. 

The Transition from Monitor to Laptop 

We now have the features called Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. With these features, you can use the application on your monitor and switch from the monitor to your laptop anytime. 

Windows 11 Performance

We can see the increased performance of Windows 11 in gaming and other gaming-related features. It is measured that the new Windows 11 on an Intel processor performs 7% better than Windows 10. This is possible thanks to enabling the Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) on the system. 

When we speak about games, it is good to mention that Windows 11 will have features like Auto HDR and DirectStorage. These features are already part of the Xbox sets. 

The Windows 11 performance is enriched with the apps that we get inside the system, and that is where the secret of the improvement lies. 

Check Your System 

If you are using the Windows 10 system, you can easily upgrade to Windows 11 in no time. If you want to check your system before installation, you can download PC health check app that will tell you more about the situation of your PC. 

You will find out whether your PC can support the new Windows 11 and how you can get the system. This PC health check app is available automatically via Windows Update or you can download it manually from the Windows Update Catalog using the tag KB5005463. 

If everything is okay with your system requirements, you will be able to get the new Windows 11 on your computer. This will be a new start for your computer and your user experience. 

Microsoft Windows 11 comes with great features that increase productivity and enhance the experience of the users. It is a system with great potential to become the leading operating system in the market. 

With so many users of Microsoft products, we believe that Windows 11 will be equally popular as many previous versions of the operating systems. Now, the Microsoft Windows 11 is futuristic and ready for the big stage.